What is the ONE Cloth Diaper You’d Take with You on a Desert Island?

Let’s say you’re stranded on a desert island. You have nothing—nothing except your baby, a high-efficiency washing machine that magically appears to work without electricity, and one type of cloth diaper. That’s right! You can’t have your Fuzzibunz diapers and your bumGenius diapers and your beloved Chinese prefolds with Velcro diaper covers. You have to choose one kind—so what will it be?


  1. No contest! Fuzzibunz.

  2. BG onesize organic for sure!

  3. I’d request Fuzzibunz.

  4. FuzziBunz – the ones we bought in January 2008 (mediums) still fit in April 2010!

  5. Dry Bees Go Natural fitteds and Loveybums wool interlock snap covers (assuming the magical washing machine comes with a way to handwash wool)

  6. Kissaluvs fitted with Thirsties cover. I’ve never tried wool covers though, and that might be better if the island is hot and humid. Actually, if I were on an island with just my baby, I think that would be the time to try Elimination Communication, right?

  7. Hmmm, I love my fuzzi bunz, but I think for all over versatility, I’ll take prefolds. I love using them for soaking up messes when the babe is airing out, or a glass of water spilled all over the floor or…I’ll take a snap cover please.

  8. I’d take my Pocket Change in a HEARTBEAT! 🙂

  9. Happy Heinys one size pocket diapers with snaps! To be fair, I have only tried those and BumGenius pocket diapers with velcro.

  10. Well, I for sure wouldn’t take all the one size Bum Genius I purchased for my 12 month old–because they are completely shot! The velcro is worthless! What a big disappointment!
    Ok…I would take the Fuzzy Bunz Size Mediums. They are working out so much better and I think they will last longer than a year, too.

  11. Bum Genius one size Pocket Diapers with velcro…..although I’ve not tried Fuzzi Bunz and if they are one size pockets with snaps….I’d take those in a heartbeat. As much as I love velcro, over time it’s not been working as well and then we have diaper “blow-outs” in the middle of the night because the velcro didn’t hold. He’s close to potty training age though….wonder if he’d just run around naked!

  12. Washing machine? That’s cheating!

    I was all excited to answer a REAL roughing-it, diapering question!
    So, if there were no washing machine, I’d still be OK.

    The one type of cloth diaper I’d bring along is a flat diaper. You fold it however you want. When it’s dirty, it rinses clean easily, and hangs to dry very quickly.

    At the same time, I would be practicing Elimination Communication, keeping those cloth diapers mostly clean anyways. Natural Infant Hygiene is AWESOME and so versatile!

  13. Elizabeth says

    bumgenius one size…for sure!!!

  14. Prefolds and snap covers. I really like the Flip covers–they fit my tall lanky boy really well. I like the idea of flats, but they’re just not absorbent enough for me.

  15. I would take my mother-ease contours and just let him go without a cover. I do that a lot anyway so I can see when he gets wet immediately.

    I’m tempted to say my flip covers and inserts, although I would have to buy more, but I think he’d be running about naked anyway most of the time haha.

  16. GMD pfs or covers fitted

    NO pul cover bc I am assuming the Island is in the tropics and it will be tot HOT for pul!

  17. I’m with Betsy…it’d be time to try elimination communication!

  18. You guys are right–what a perfect opportunity for going diaperless! Even if there is a mysterious front-loading washing machine on the island. . . .

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