Our Local Midwifery Birth Center is Open!

It’s hard to quantify just how much I love the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center here in Eugene, Oregon.  Their supportive and empowering staff helped my family welcome our two children into the world. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth we never felt rushed but enjoyed long leisurely appointments that educated us and allowed us to make our own choices. 

I gave birth in the above room filled with antique furniture in a beautiful old craftsman home that had been converted to a birthing center.  What could be better? This!

The new Midwifery Birth Center opened its doors today on May 1st.   It’s situated close to the new hospital, in a stand of old trees, and is built to support ongoing natural birth.  It’s complete with a birthing tub for water births, a nature path among the old pines, and a classic interior.

The best part of all is that our entire community came together to support the clinic and did tremendous fundraising to be able to build and open the center.  Nurses and midwives were flexible as they moved to the hospital for the year while the center was built. Many of the moms who helped fundraise were due during the construction and so weren’t able to have their babies at the clinic.  Still they put in time and energy so that new birth center would open their doors to new families in time for Mother’s Day.

Want to be inspired?  Visit the Lane County Friends of the Birth Center’s blog or Facebook page to see how this vision has come to pass.  What a gift to our community!


  1. Just a question.

    Is this typical in all of Oregon or just the Eugene area? My husband and I are looking to relocate and Portland, Oregon is on the top of our list. I was just wondering if these services are obtainable all over the state. I did not have anything like this when I had my 2 boys and they were born in different states.

  2. Hooray!

    Ali- While I wouldn’t say it is typical, Portland has some wonderful midwife and birth center options.

  3. Actually our clinic here in Eugene is really unique and wonderful. I know in Portland that a few friends have used midwives, but the families had to pay out of their own pockets. Because it’s linked with supporting physicians, the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center can bill insurance!

    I’ve lived in Portland and Eugene so I can also say that Eugene is a wonderful place to raise a family. Portland is great too, but traffic abounds! (Rebecca lives in Portland so she will have an opinion on this too, I’m sure!)

  4. I love seeing stuff like this. I’m glad women have more birthing options these days. It’s nice to have an option between hospital birth and home birth.

  5. It is amazing and beautiful! We were able to attend the grand openeing celebration and it’s such a wonderful, warm place full of awesome and amazing people (mamas & families as well as sweet and knowledgeable staff and great volunteers who help make it all possible). We have enjoyed our on going relationship with our midwives and a few families we’ve met there along the way… and the lactation support is amazing (they are even certified as Baby Friendly)!!!

    Sorry… can you tell I love the Birth Center as much as Joy? 😉

  6. Thank you so much for the info and advice. Time to look up Eugene!

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