How Do You Make Baby Food?

Do you whip it up in your blender or fork mash it? (Joy loves her blender, Rebecca does not!) Do you steam, boil, or bake it?  There are millions of ways to prepare delightful meals for baby and we’d love to hear some of your favorites.  Looking for ideas?  Our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide features some easy recipes for healthy homemade purees. We’d love to hear what you do!


  1. I got the Beaba baby cooker as a shower gift, and I love it! It isn’t as large as a food processor or blender, so it doesn’t make as much at one time, but it is so easy. I’ve been having a lot of fun making purees with it, and filling up ice cube trays for the freezer. It’s expensive, so I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but as a gift it sure is great.

  2. I made and froze a lot of purees for my first and ended up throwing a lot of them away. That really dampened my desire to prepare purees ever again. With my second, we stuck to “baby-friendly foods” (banana, avocado, plain yogurt, veggie soup) for the first few months of solids, and now at 9 months she eats close to whatever we are eating. I know this wouldn’t work for all babies, but I would recommend trying to give your baby only regular food and see how it goes — it’s a pretty short period from 6 months to 9 or 10 months, when your kid can really eat almost any table food.

    The only special food I made for both my first and second child was a whole grain infant cereal — pureed brown rice/millet/barley, etc. I throw in some Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo flour around 9 months too. They have both really liked it. I think the instant cereal is gross and expensive.

    More details here:

  3. I baked or steamed fruits and veggies (depending what it was) and made puree when my son was first starting solids and then we graduated to just mashing with a fork and leaving lumpy. I also did chicken and turkey puree with a little water (used the leftovers from whatever we had for dinner). I’d make a small batch of whatever it was and then used my breastmilk trays ( to freeze into one-ounce servings. It was great to cook one weekend and then just pop a meat, veggie or fruit out of the freezer for each meal for a couple weeks. Once my son was eating more finger foods, I made batches of meatballs with ground beef, ground turkey, and ground chicken and also froze those. He seemed to prefer the meatballs to just small pieces of the meat we were eating. We never bought any baby food and I plan to try the same system for my next baby!

  4. When I made it in batches I would bake or steam it and then mash it with a fork. If I was freezing it I would put it in food cube storage containers.

  5. I roast or steam them, then use one of those food mashers that you spin by hand. Just put them in those nice trays pictured above. I actually steam a lot more now because roasting left the food dry and i had to add water.

  6. I’m with Betsy on this one. For my first, I would spend one night/week making and freezing food. Now, my seventh month old just eats what we eat. I usually cut it really small and/or mush it with fork/finger, or I use a food mill or mini electric processor if that won’t work. Just yesterday, we were eating pears and the baby wanted, and we also had a mini cheese grater on the table, so voila! Shredded pears that he LOVED! Planning a nutrition post on this topic soon….

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