Top Ten Most Fun Household Objects for Baby

Does your baby know the difference between a free-trade, hand-crafted bamboo stacking toy and your old set of stainless steel measuring cups? Probably not. That’s why we devote a page of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide to “The Top Ten Most Fun Household Objects for Baby.” Chances are, you don’t need to spend a fortune on eco-friendly doo-dads in order to entertain the little one. Dangle some keys in front of his face, let her tear up some old cereal boxes, watch him dig through the compost heap—(okay, maybe not that last one).

The point is, you don’t always need to buy something to fulfill your baby’s needs for fun and excitement. And what’s greener than buying a free-trade, hand-crafted bamboo stacking toy? NOT buying a free-trade, hand-crafted bamboo stacking toy.

Are there any eco-toys you regret buying? And what are your baby’s favorite household objects?


  1. My son likes most household objects (to the exclusion of most of his ‘toys’). His particular favourite is putting the big powder makeup brush in a plastic bottle. The brush came from the give away box and is also great for tickling.
    Most of our toys came second hand, often very cheap so it is easy to see how they go and to give away what is ignored. The few we have really chosen are real classics like blocks and a baby wagon/walker that will have long lives.
    Balls are the one baby toy that is a huge hit.

  2. When he was near age 1, my son loved clear plastic food containers. He would put something (anything!) inside of them, put the lids on, shake them around. Take the thing out, put the lid on again. Repeat over and over. He also loved to get into the spice drawer and stack the plastic spice bottles into towers then knock them over.

  3. Junk mail is a big hit around here right now. I did read recently to not let children play with keys as they can be high in lead.

  4. I spend all this money on safe wooden toys to have my son play with boxes and wooden spoons!

  5. Just remember not to let the baby chew on the keys–they often contain lead and other harmful things.

  6. My kids love gerber spoons with the soft coating on one end, toothbrushes with the rubber on the handles, empty boxes, cardboard paper towel holders (empty, of course), empty travel sized squeeze bottles (they seem to like the air that comes out of them), wooden blocks, and sticks from our creek.

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