What Are Your Natural Cleaning Secrets?

Happily striding past dozens of expensive cleaning products while shopping makes me infinitely happy.  Opting for homemade cleansers is just as easy, eco-friendlier, and far cheaper.

My favorite natural products include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Borax.  Do you have any of your own secrets for easy eco-friendly house cleaning?  Do tell!


  1. I like to mix 1/2 tsp of tea tree oil with 8oz of water and a dollop of dishsoap for general cleaning. Vinegar is a staple for cleaning windows and anything else I want to shine, and I love baking soda for any scouring job without worrying about abrasiveness, also for a carpet deodorizer. I throw a some Borax in the wash with my husbands work clothes and they come out fresh and clean (he works outside all day).

  2. My best discovery was a homemade scrub for the tub, sink, etc. I mix equal parts baking soda and borax with some dish soap. Scrubbing my tub/shower has never been so easy and I don’t have to worry about the fumes that other cleaning products have (especially while I’m pregnant)!

  3. I am trying out all kinds of products on the market trying to find what is really green and what works for us. I am going to try making our own too for windows and probably the bathroom. I hate how some green products are not really green at all.

  4. I use straight vinegar for the toilet and a baking soda/soap scrub for sinks, tubs, etc… To disinfect (diaper pail, infant potty) we first spray hydrogen peroxide followed by straight vinegar. This is supposed to kill 80% of germs. My latest discovery is to add 1/2 C of borax with detergent to a load of laundry, let it soak overnight, and then dry in the sunshine. This has proven effective for removing 35 yr old stains on baby clothes and old quilts!

  5. Hot water. It is amazing how much gunk dissolves when it comes in contact with hot water. I often clean with nothing more than hot water and a rag. Very non-toxic.

  6. My all time favorite recipe is my green cleaning scrub. You can use this in place of your powdered scrub (Comet or Ajax) It is also a great cleaner for the toilet. Here is the recipe from my book – The Joy of Green Cleaning.
    1 cup baking soda
    1 cup borax
    1 cup table salt
    6-8 drops lemon grass essential oil

    Mix everything together and store in an air tight container. Use it just like you would any commercial powdered scrub!

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