What Are YOUR Green Confessions?

We’ve confessed to several “eco-sins” over the years here on the Green Baby Guide. But now we want to know: What are your failings? Still use toxic cleaners? Can’t bear to compost? Go through a roll of paper towels a day? Stuff your garbage cans with recyclables? Confess here!


  1. I have to admit, I still use plenty of paper towels. Yes, less than I used to, because now I use microfiber cloths for the mirrors, old t-shirts to clean the bathroom, and I use my kitchen towels more and more… but for some things, I just can’t see not using paper towels (most kitchen messes, involving food/grease/etc…)

  2. I have a box of plastic baggies I use when I haven’t made sure a container is clean for my husband’s lunch and I’m to tired to wash one. The box has lasted me over a year so guess it’s not to bad but still feel terrible when I do it.

    Sometimes compostable items end up in the trash because I’m not up to taking them out (so lazy!!).

    I still use WAY to much plastic. I’m not as careful as I could be with buying food that isn’t in plastic.

  3. We use disposable diapers (Nature Babycare – so biodegradable) because cloth diapering did not work for our son.

  4. I LOVE sin posts! Mine are…

    Raid. I am terrified of spiders. If no one else is around what choice do I have? Die of fright or toxic Raid? Raid. Peta prob hates my guts now.

    Also I don’t buy organic Fair Trade coffee exclusively. Worst of all, once in a while we buy stir fry in a bag (frozen) or something like egg rolls in a box or organic tator tots in a bag which oddly makes me feel worse than the other two sins because I’m a huge advocate of less packaging and it’s so lame to buy over-packaged food that I know how to make from scratch 🙁 The only sin I’m working on eliminating right now is the last one – no food packaging!

    Those are my worst right currently.

  5. Shannon F. says

    We don’t compost. It smells and it’s one more thing to seperate……..I figure I’ll decompose just fine in the landfill.

  6. Shannon F. says

    er….IT will!!!

  7. 1. Plastic baggies-I havent been able to break my ties with plastic baggies. my husband works on the road and complains about his lunch being in any other container! I am working on a solution for this one though.
    2. Cutting down on trash- I am getting into composting later this month (hard to do in our condo) but im going to try.
    3. Bleach- I know I know. TERRRIBLE! I was just raised to think that bleach was the only thing that was the best cleaner/disinfectant(which i now know is not true) all though i have cut down on using it a TON and use it for only a couple of things!

    whew that felt good to get off my chest.

  8. -I run the water while I wash dishes.
    -Food packaging.

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