Are Diaper Services Greener than Home Laundering?

Not necessarily! Now, most people probably choose diaper services over home laundering for convenience. You collect your dirty diapers, set them outside once a week, and receive a fresh stack of fluffy white diapers in their place. No messing with smelly diaper laundry. However, as we discuss in further detail in The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, diaper services may or may not be better for the environment than home laundering depending on a few factors.

If you’re considering using a diaper service, you might want to ask them a few questions first:

  • How much water do you use? (Most companies will have statistics on this. Diaper services wash diapers in large quantities and are able to use less water than home launderers.)
  • What chemicals do you use? If they use bleach, you may want to reconsider. Diaper services can sanitize diapers with hot water alone.
  • How do you transport the diapers from house to house? Are they making an effort to use efficient routes? Bonus: Do they use fuel-efficient vehicles?

Have you tried a diaper service? What did you think—both in terms of convenience and eco-friendliness? Let us know!


  1. I really didn’t even consider using a service – I wanted total control over what was used on my son’s diapers – and wanted to know that I would have clean ones when I needed them.

  2. We used a service for 2 days. The CD’s gave our son a horrible diaper rash. They say they use biodegradable detergents but I am not sure. We planned on using them when our son got older (and was peeing less often) but they refused to answer our calls/emails and then took almost $400 out of our bank account for having some of their product (which they wouldn’t pick up).

    So I always warn people to really look at the fine print. I have known people who get charged $100 because they forget to put 1 diaper in with their weekly pickup. Even when you find that diaper and give it back they don’t give you your money back.

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