Pocket Diaper Leakage Problems

For their adorable design, their convenience, and those clever snaps, I love my pocket diapers.  For leaks, I don’t.  It may be that my baby is too small for her large sized pocket diapers, but even when we double stuff them with liners, they seem to have major leakage issues.  The only way we can stop the leaks is to treat them like a diaper cover and line them with a prefold diaper.  I loved them with my older son but he wore then when he was a bit bigger, which may explain our leakage problem.  Does anyone else have these issues?  Are you partial to your pocket diapers or do you prefer prefolds?


  1. I like fitteds, often with wool covers.
    I used Triple Paste with a liner in my pockets, but it still coated them and 6 months and multiple strippings later they still are not the same. I find natural fibers are far easier to launder.

    It sounds like you are not in the right size.

  2. I like my pockets a little better than my prefolds and covers. I think the pockets don’t keep baby as wet right against her skin as prefolds do. The Good Baby has been in pockets for about six months and we have only now had some leaking issues. I stripped the diapers with dawn and that seemed to do the trick and stop the repelling issues I was having.

    Can you try stripping your diapers? Hopefully that will help.

  3. I’m using the bum genius 3.0 and love them. My 19 month old is small (20 pounds) and I have them on the largest size. The only problem I have with leakage is when I leave them on her too long… maybe try to change them more often?

  4. I have better no-leakage luck with a snappi prefold and cover, but don’t like to use them after they get too mobile because diaper changes turn into a wrestling match. The BG’s are so much easier. But they do leak if I don’t change them on schedule or if the legholes get stretched out.

  5. I use Fuzzibunz at night for my kids and no leaks yet. I love prefolds during the day, but not at night.

  6. I love the pocket diapers. I used to have leakage problems, but i switched to double-stuffing them – two microfiber inserts each, or in some cases 1 microfiber, and one prefold – and now when i change him, his diaper still feels dry, so it never gets to the point where it would leak. The prefolds i use were some that i foolishly bought off the internet, and are so thin they could never be used on their own, but folded in thirds and paired with a microfiber insert they work ok to boost a little.

    All the MF inserts that we use are 3 layers thick, so we have 6 layers of MF in each diaper. This has worked pretty well for us.

  7. Do you possibly have detergent build-up? It can cause less absorbency, thus more leakage. Just an idea if “fit” is not the cause:)

  8. We used Fuzzibunz for my son until he was 4 months or so, and he would more often than not leak out the legs. We also used prefolds with covers sometimes, especially nighttime.

    Around 4 months old, we switched to Smartipants and haven’t had any issues (although we still use prefolds w/Thirsties covers at night. If it’s not broken…)

    I’m not sure if the Smartipants work better in general, or if he just chunked up enough by then for the diapers to wrap around his thighs better. I only had small FB, so I haven’t tried any more to see if they would work now.

  9. I started cding with bum genius and I loved them. My son grew out of them at around 18 months. At that time I also developed a hatred for microfiber but I decided to get Fuzzi Bumz. I did not like those at all. They just did not work for us.

    Now with 2 in diapers we have gone to more natural fabrics for our cding. I love fitteds (for baby #2 who is 1)–esp Clovers that are organic and cotton and cotton velour. We use mostly wool. Sometimes when we are home or hanging out outside I just let them go coverless and change them as soon as the dipe looks or feels wet.

    For my older guy who is 2.5 we are trying to potty train. But when we go out we use bum genius organics aio (they have a bigger fit then 3.0) or flips (which have a bigger fit then the bg organics).

    I do miss how easy my bg 3.0s were during diaper time but I do not miss microfiber and stuffing.

  10. We use BumGenius 3.0 on our 15 week old. We’ve only had maybe 4 leaks ever, and it was usually because we didn’t fasten it tight enough. We love them! There is a natural baby store near us with a 3 week diaper trial. We tried the regular sized Fuzzi Bunz, the One Size Fuzzi Funz, Happy Heinys, Thirstys, and Kissaluvs, and we had leaks with all of them multiple times! The only ones we had real luck with were the BumGenius 3.0.

  11. I put a Thirsties cover around my BumGenius (which is stuffed with one BG insert and 2 hemp inserts). This is the first thing that has worked consistently for me and I’m SO SO happy to be leak free at night. I co-sleep and night nurse my 10-month old A LOT.

  12. Margaret says

    We had terrible leakage issues with prefolds with our extremely skinny-hipped, skinny-thighed, WIGGLY baby. I’m not sure whether that was due to the diapers, the covers, or our inexperience with cding … but around 3 months we switched to FuzziBunz — a mixture of hand-me-down Mediums, new Mediums, and new One Size, and we love them. We have occasional leakage issues, but only occasional. The One Size in particular are fantastic, especially for having tight enough leg openings for our long-and-lean (95th % length; 35th % weight) baby.

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