Creative Car-free Transportation With Kids

Before becoming a mother, I rode chicken-laiden, multicolored buses in Latin America, Tuk-Tuk’s in Thailand, and rented bicycles in Denmark.

Breaking my arm, being pregnant and having a tiny baby put us through a three-year period of being car dependent. (Our car-free trip to San Francisco was the one exception.)  This summer, now that our baby has reached one year of age, we’re finally back to car-free creativity.

With our second child, we’ve come to appreciate our bike trailer even more!  It works beautifully for hauling both kids across town behind a bike and easily converts to a double stroller.  It’s also our most rain-proof baby toting device because of the clear plastic cover.  As you can see, it’s a bit cozy with both kids but as long as they have snacks, everyone stays happy!

We have a bike helmet for my son but haven’t yet found one that works for our one year old.  As a result, we just stick to side-streets and bike extremely carefully.  My husband transports my son to preschool every day in the bike trailer and they both thoroughly enjoy the ride.

Another fabulous development in our summer is my husband’s bus pass, acquired through his new job.  Now we can simply pay my fare and our whole family can travel the town by bus to our favorite destinations.  This is an utter thrill for my son and doesn’t require us to snap in car seats or fill up our tank!

Car free travel with kids can be an adventure, but if I was willing to sit atop a bus with the goats, why shouldn’t I be willing to embrace the challenge?   In our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, we feature a story from the authors of Car Free With Kids, a blog written by a family that lives completely car free.  We are inspired by them each time we read a new post!

What are your creative ways for moving your children this summer?  Do you move on foot or have great public transportation to depend on?


  1. Check out the Giro Me2 helmet. It has an adjustable dial. We just bought one for our 9 month old daughter who has a pretty small head and it almost fits her. We also can’t wait to ditch our car for the bike trailer in a couple of months!

  2. We mostly take the “range rover” my uppa baby vista stroller for walks in our new town (suburban Chicago). Since my toddler was born I have often found it easier to walk than bother with public transportation, since my stroller is big and has a huge basket for carrying groceries etc.
    When we do get on the train, I take the “moped” my G-lite umbrella stroller, or just put him in the back carrier.
    I have a new friend who justified buying a double BOB since it means she can walk everywhere this summer. She figures she has already made it back in not buying gas.

  3. Vigor makes kids helmets that are pretty small. I would suggest going to a bicycle shop for a helmet. The ones you get a bike shop (as opposed to a big box store) are much better quality and often more adjustable to get a good, custom fit.

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