Green Victory: I Hung My Laundry to Dry!

I decided to kick-start summer by hanging my laundry to dry in the attic. Here I confessed that I’d been tossing my clothes in the dryer, but now that the temperatures are in the seventies, I got motivated to drag out those drying racks.

Hanging one load took fifteen minutes, two drying racks, five hangers, the side of the laundry basket, and a chair—but I saved at least a pound of carbon emissions and $.50. If I hang a load of laundry a week, all summer long, but the end of the summer I’ll have saved . . . $6.00. Okay, well, I’m doing it for the planet, not for the cash.

What green deeds are you more motivated to do when the sun is shining?


  1. My problem with hanging laundry is I’ve hung it inside my house, and its still been damp 2 days later. (this was diapers, which are super absorbent though) And its rained every day this week. I wonder if people who are so successful at hanging their laundry to dry either a) don’t have as much laundry as me (and if so, how?) or b) live somewhere where it is sunny and dry every day.

  2. Sarah, I have the same problem, which is why I waited until it was over 70 degrees to hang the laundry. I know in places like England (with a similar climate), everyone hangs their laundry to dry. I don’t understand how they can pull it off. When I hang my laundry to dry indoors in the winter, it just doesn’t dry. Eventually it will grow mold. I saw a movie that took place in Scotland, and it showed a woman hanging laundry to dry on the deck of her boat . . . in the rain. I just don’t understand how that works. Or do they just put on wet clothes?

    Yesterday the temperature in my attic reached 83 and the laundry dried in one day. One thing you could try with cloth diapers is to hang them overnight, then finish drying them in the dryer. It will cut the drying time down, which still saves energy.

  3. When it’s sunny and nice out, I am far more motivated to walk or take the bus for my leisure activities or neighborhood shopping rather than drive (I always take the bus to work). I’m a wuss when it comes to bad weather.

  4. Me too! With the weather warming up we’ve started to line-dry diapers outside our condo. One drying rack mostly does it. With diapers it really helps to be using flat diapers that dry very fast, but we also line dry thicker diapers and covers. We haven’t really done any clothes yet this year, but maybe we should start!

  5. Where I live in south Texas, at 6pm it’s still 94 with a heat index of 106! So I have no problem hanging everything out to dry. Things sometimes dry in just a few hours,especially if it’s windy too. So luckily I very rarely have to use the dryer.:)

  6. My mom grew up in SF without a dryer. Says she remembers crunchy hard towels and putting on damp underwear.

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