Cloth Diaper Options

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t know the difference between a pocket diaper and a prefold, but after much exhaustive research, I finally decided on the ultimate cloth diapering system for our family.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have the diaper diagrams and descriptions in The Eco-nomical Baby Guide to refer to because we simply hadn’t written it yet!

Four years and another child later, I have been given a huge assortment of absorbent and adorable diapers.  My daughter Jovi often sports cow print happy heinys, homemade hemp diaper liners, prefolds with various covers, and even colorful fuzzibunz pocket diapers.

What have I realized after gathering up this diverse collection of cloth diapers?  You don’t really have to choose just one type!  Of course paying full price for all this loot could be prohibitively expensive, but if you’re open to buying gently used cloth diapers, you can try an assortment and know that you don’t have to rule out any one kind.

What is your cloth diaper philosophy?  Are you strictly loyal to one brand or style, or have you too build up a variety of diapers?  Have you been lucky enough to inherit hand-me-downs?


  1. We’ve gone through lots of different options with our two kids. My wife is the cloth diaper nut of the family and I’m kind of along for the ride. We now have a brick-and-mortar diaper store in the area (diaper lab) which is a huge help. We’ve gone from prefolds and covers, to the bum genius, to flat diapers. We now use a mixture of bum genius and flats. We’ve been using velcro closures pretty exclusively but the boy has recently learned to open those! My mom gave us a cloth diaper setup with our first as a gift and then we added to it. With the second we got a gift of a dozen bum genius which was an amazing addition. And we recently bought the flats.

    Someday when our diapering days are done we are going to have an amazing cloth diaper stash to pass on!! But there is a lot of cloth diapering that you end up doing by feel and your needs change over time.

  2. I played with a few. Then I got a job at a cloth diaper store because I came in to chat so often. I got a chance to try everything that came back from our trial program and get a sense of almost every diaper. And I bought 13 of the same thing and two more of something similar (Mostly Baby Kicks fitteds). My husband hates variety.
    I highly recommend trying a style out because there are a few crummy diapers out there. There are also tons of great diapers that fit some babies well and some poorly.

  3. Any suggestions on where to locate slightly used ones? I’m going to be having my first child & would like to stock up without having to pay full price for everything.

  4. We haven’t played with many brands, but after a lot of research we went with BumGenius. We had the XS all-in-ones for when she was born and now we use the one-size pocket diaper. Been totally happy with them so far. Easy to use and wash, and they’re stylish.

  5. Shannon F. says

    I think it’s great to have a wide variety, because there are benefits to each (pocket, AIO, prefolds, hybrids) and we find that we use different styles for different needs. My daughter sleeps in a doubled up pocket diaper, wears prefolds and covers around the house, and AIO’s when we leave the house. I know a lot of moms who are sold to one brand/style, and they’re missing out!

  6. Hey Krista –
    If you have a local store near you that sells cloth diapers, they may have slightly used ones. You can always look on Craig’s List to find them (I don’t think Ebay allows previously used ones to be sold there). Another place to look is at the numerous websites that sell cloth diapers. I know there are tons of them but here are a few that I know have gently used cloth ones:

    Kelly’s Closet
    Jillian’s Drawers
    Nicki’s Diapers

    There are lots of other great stores out there where when you sign up for the mailing list you get a discount code, or they have regular sales, especially on discontinued colors/styles, etc. Some great retailers that I’ve used and like are:

    Happy Baby Company
    Nurtured Family
    Diaper Shops

    If you find a brand you like, they sometimes have an outlet where you can get things very cheap. For example, one of the brands I really like is Blueberry or Swaddlebees. If you go to their website and sign up, from time to time they have sales on products that have the wrong color snap on them or a different insert then they usually sell and they also have overstock sales. It’s often cheaper to go this route but I would suggest you have tried them first and like them before buying them like this.

    You will also find lots of great homemade diapers that show up from region to region. They can sometimes be cheaper and equally cute. I found some in a local kids clothing store (not even a diaper shop). Here are a few homemade stores that I am aware of and have tried and like.

    My Butter bears
    Tallulah Baby
    Green Acre Designs

    There are lots, lots, lots more options and everyone has their own opinions so just try ones and see what fits best on your child and in your life. Also know that as your child grows, their body may change and some of the diapers you thought were your favorite may become the ones you like the least. Best of luck!

  7. I like to have a variety as well. Fitted with covers for newborns, mostly prefolds after that, with pocket diapers at night. I got lots of diapers used through Diaper Swapper (forum) and Jillian’s Drawers.

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