Summer Beverage Bonanza: Green Iced Tea

Here’s a tip that’s literally green: Drink green iced tea this summer! Piggybacking on Joy’s recent postpartum weight loss posts, I thought I’d share my latest health secret. Studies [that I am too lazy to cite at the moment] have shown that drinking five glasses of green tea a day can help you lose weight. Not only does green tea pack in more antioxidants than black tea, it acts as an appetite suppressant.

For me, drinking five glasses of green tea a day is no problem. I simply switched from black iced tea (which I raved about last summer) to green. Iced tea is cheaper than Coke, not to mention better for you. If you make it yourself, you won’t have bottles and cans to recycle afterward.

You can make sun tea or steep six teaspoons loose tea (five bags or so) in a couple cups of boiling water, then dilute with about 1.5 liters of cold water.

As for the miracle weight loss, I will have to report back at the end of the summer.


  1. I love green tea but stopped drinking it when I was pregnant because of the caffeine. Now that I’m breastfeeding full time I’m still wary of going back to it. Every website I read seems to have a different story about the caffeine content of green tea. What do you gals think? I guess decaf green tea is an option but I haven’t had much luck finding it.

  2. Pregnant women are advised to drink under 200 mg caffeine a day. So it’s fine to drink two cups of coffee a day or thirteen cups of green tea! I know a lot of women cut caffeine out completely, but I never did. My caffeinated beverage of choice was always black tea . . . I thought I’d have to cut it out, but once I realized I could still have four-six cups a day I realized I didn’t have to.

    I remember doing a bit of research on caffeine during pregnancy back when I was pregnant (five years ago), but I never found any studies that concluded that caffeine in small amounts (under 200 mg) was harmful. Has that advice changed?

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