What Are Your Biggest Green Challenges Right Now?

Is the baby registry list making you dizzy?  Are you wondering how best to launder dirty cloth diapers?  Do you need baby food recipes? Have you had more than three hours of sleep in the last two days?   Are you trying to squeeze more organic produce into your grocery budget?   Does pumping breast milk at work seem totally overwhelming?

We’ve been there!  But now that our kids are older, we have to be reminded of just what would be helpful to our readers.  What are your latest victories and what are your biggest challenges? I’ve shared my weight loss dilemma this week, but there are bound to be issues of far greater consequence. (Like the critical goal of getting enough food and rest in those first few months!)  Please give us ideas for upcoming posts this summer and we’ll personally do our best to address your needs.


  1. 1. Stinky diapers, although we may have solved that one by switching to using flats. Not for the faint of heart, but we’re finding it worth it.

    2. Reducing food waste. We’ve been working on it, but I still feel like we throw out too much. The kids do make it harder.

    3. Reducing the amount of junk that comes into our house, particularly in the form of gifts for the kids.

  2. The amount of junk/stuff people give us. It can get ridiculous. I have said no toys for his 1st birthday so hopefully this will help.

  3. – packaging food at home
    – flourescent light bulbs – is the energy savings really worth the mercury danger?

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