Natural Nut and Seed Butters for Baby

Have you given up on peanut butter? I am so-o-o glad I didn’t read that doctors are recommending pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid peanuts when I was pregnant five years ago.  As a vegetarian, I live off of peanut butter!

Once my daughter was eating solid foods, I waited patiently until she was two before introducing nuts. (Which was the recommendation at the time.) She was really underweight for a while there, and it was frustrating to withhold peanut butter for so long. I know I gave her almond butter first, but now I can’t remember when I introduced it.

Has anyone tried feeding babies sunflower seed butter? All the peanut butter alternatives out there are so much more expensive, but it seems like a good way to get some protein and calories into a young child’s diet. What do you think?


  1. I started teaching at a nut-free school during my second trimester, so I ate a lot of sunbutter & jelly sandwiches when I needed something that was quick to make and didn’t need to be heated up. My little guy started eating peanut butter around 18 months and has been fine, although we have no family history of food allergies. I prefer peanut butter, but sunbutter is a tasty alternative when I need to be nut-free.

  2. Great article! I’m also looking into alternative nut butters, like sunflower seed and almond (my favorite but soooo expensive). I am glad to see that the AAP has reversed their recommendation on peanut butter. They released a study in November showing no correlation between food allergies and early exposure (or exposure for pregnant women).

  3. My peanut-alloergic toddler loves Sunbutter! Its so yummy. Its high in fat, which was good for him, he is super skinny but you may want to watch that with other kids. His fav was a sumbutter, honey, and banana sandwich…..Also, I heard its not too hard to make your own nut butters, which can be more expensive than PB.

  4. We have tried almond butter and sunbutter. Both my boys still love PB the best, but when they go to school, it is a nice option. I find it so interesting to see how the recommendations go back and forth on nut allergies. I have read so many different things, and anecdotally at least, can’t tell what the right answer is to avoid allergies.

  5. PB is the best, but I do eat a lot of almond butter. I didn’t care for it at first but really enjoy it with an apple or in a smoothie.

  6. It sounds like sunbutter is a good alternative to peanut butter if you’re avoiding it for some reason.

    And Sandy, that is GREAT news about the AAP reversing their recommendation! I hadn’t heard that!

  7. Hi Rebecca and other fellow moms,
    As a blogger for SunButter (and a mom), I see moms like us become creative safeguards of all our children–nut-allergy or not. Our recipe box has quick, simple snacks as well as full meals and even SunButter pizza for on the grill. It’s here:
    ~ Elizabeth H, blogger for SunButter

  8. What?! Since when are pregnant women not supposed to eat peanut butter? One of my favorite foods right now is peanut butter and jelly. :-/ (I’m 16 weeks along.)
    I do like almond butter, but almonds are expensive where we live, and I’d have to make the almond butter myself if I was going to do that.

  9. I believe I wrote about that recommendation for pregnant women to stay away from peanuts around the time it came out. (Oh yeah–here it is!) I personally did not know about it when I was pregnant. If I am ever pregnant again, I wouldn’t worry about it! I couldn’t really live without peanut butter.

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