Have You Read The Eco-nomical Baby Guide?

Do you like it?  I’m blushing a bit right now, but we are really proud of our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, and are hoping that many of you find it helpful as you prepare for baby or select a gift for pregnant friends who are looking for eco-friendly, budget friendly solutions.  Please let us know if you’ve read it!  Also, if you have ideas on how to spread the word on our little gem, please let us know.  We loved writing it and editing it hundreds of times, but marketing isn’t our favorite hobby.  Still, we’d like to let expectant parents know how to save thousands of dollars while going green.  Thanks for your creative ideas!


  1. I’d love to give it a mention on my blog – perhaps we could arrange a giveaway?

  2. Carol Kelley says

    the Eco-nomical baby guide is great.
    I have a copy in my office waiting room and it
    is fun to see so many people looking at it. I’ve given away several copies.

  3. Are you still providing copies to bloggers willing to review? I would love to review and/or giveaway?

  4. I love the book! I wish you all had written it before I had my babies, though! 🙂 It is definitely not just a book for new moms, thought…I have been making the switch to cloth diapers in recent weeks and the tips in the book have been really helpful. I am especially happy to see the emphasis on purchasing used goods and not purchasing certain things at all. I have always felt that is the “greenest” thing you can do.

  5. Loved it!

    Have you done any book signings? I think in-person events are great for books like this. Oregon is a great place to have an interested audience too!

    I think there are a lot of local businesses that would love to partner with you in some way.

  6. I won one of your book giveaways…and I’ve read your book. And I LOVE it! It has been super helpful for me personally, plus I’ve shared some tips with friends too! It has truly helped me think about how much “stuff” we consume as parents and children…and how we can cut back or eliminate waste that is harmful to our planet and our children’s future!
    My recommendation for PR? Have other bloggers host information on their blog about your blog or book. All of my mommy friends read blogs and share information on blogs right now. Word spreads quickly. Throw in a few book giveaways here and there and the word will start spreading! I’d be happy to share more on my blog/facebook!

  7. librarymama says

    I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends! I also reviewed it on GoodReads (a social networking/book site) where I believe you can do a sponsored link to advertise. (I see there are several positive reviews there too!).
    Maybe a facebook fan page?
    All the mamas I know are on facebook these days. I second the whole blog thing too!

  8. I just recieved my copy in the mail from Amazon.com today (hopefully you get a good bit of the proceeds from that! I bought it new instead of used (my usual low-paper M.O.) so that you all would receive the profits! :P) Can’t wait to review it on my blog! 🙂

  9. We would be willing to review/recommend too. We are about to add a “green parenting” section to our book recommendation page.
    I’ve noticed that the best “marketing” seems to be word of mouth. Beyond blogs, you might look into marketing on mom communities/forums like The Bump or other similar “mom” sites.

  10. I loved it and I plan on passing along my copy to a new mom!

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