Why don’t you . . . use cloth wipes?

This post is a part of the illuminating Why don’t you” series. No judgment! We’re just curious.

This is a funny one. Joy’s first baby was born just seven months after mine, so I was her go-to cloth diaper expert for a while—until she became an expert herself. She was 100% on board with cloth diapering, but something kept her from using cloth wipes. She claimed it would take more time and energy, even though I insisted it wouldn’t. I tried to reason with her. She just wouldn’t listen.

Thank goodness she had a second child and was able to see the error in her ways. Here she writes all about it, though somehow she neglects to credit me with her change of heart!

If you use cloth diapers and disposable wipes, tell us all about it! WHY or why do you do it?


  1. We DO use cloth wipes and we love it. Can’t imagine not using cloth diapers or wipes. I think people who are opposed have an aversion to the poo getting everywhere…but if you’re a parent you better get to used to dealing with poop!

  2. My husband and I disagree about wipes, although I’ve tried to convert him to cloth! He uses disposable wipes on our toddler because he can clean up the mess faster. I prefer the cloth wipes. True, it takes about half a second longer. But the cloth just does a better job of cleaning up my son’s bottom, and my son loves to “help” by holding the spray bottle while I wipe. I have noticed that when my husband has to clean up a really messy one, he reaches for the diaper spray and cloth wipes 🙂

  3. I use cloth wipes 95% of the time. I do have disposable ones around for when there are really really messy situations. I’m just glad to have something to use the 100s of baby-sized washcloths we were given at our baby shower. I use the spray-bottle method, but my husband uses the fill-a-bowl-with-warm-water method. which also works.

  4. we have cloth wipes, which we use daily at the changing table for spraying/washing/drying–everything except poopy messes:)

    rinsing dirty diapers is enough for me (FIVE yesterday with 2 in diapers.) i’m not rinsing wipes on top of it all, and poo-stained un-rinsed wipes sound un-fun, too.

  5. We use cloth wipes at home in a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer. I use a wipes solution of 1 cup water, 1 tbs baby wash, 1 tbs olive oil.

    For poopy diapers, we keep a roll of toilet paper to wipe off the solids onto the diaper (and ultimately flush the poop and the toilet paper), and finish up with the cloth wipes. I also have a supply of disposable wipes by the changing table if someone wants to use those.

    When we are out, I just use disposable wipes.

  6. Angela A. says

    We use cloth wipes on our 6week old girl and I love them so far. I am still trying to figure out the best method for using wipes…we tried the spray bottle and now we are on the “dip the wipe into the solution” method…I think I like the spray bottle method better. 🙂 It is so much easier to clean up a dirty mess with cloth wipes! My mom and I made our wipes from various material..we even used an old snuggy we didn’t want anymore and cut it up into squares for wipes. 🙂

  7. cloth all the way in this house…it just seems easy to put the wipes in with the diapers than to go to the trash can with wipes. my daughter is 4 months old so the poops are easy right now so not sure what I will do in the future. but spray bottle and homemade flannel wipes work great!

  8. Suzannah, we never spray the wipes afterwards. Just get the worst of the mess with the cleanest part of the diaper and use the wipes for the rest. I use my cloth wipes for everything but outside the house since I can’t find a good way to get/keep them wet.

  9. Every morning I would wet 6-8 wipes and pop them into the wipes warmer. When it was time to use one, it was already wet, warm and ready to be sprayed with my pre-made solution made with Kissaluvs diaper potion lotion and witch hazel. Easy peasy!

    I would typically only need 1 cloth wipe but if I used disposable wipes I’d end up needing to use 2-3 or 4!

  10. I don’t use cloth wipes. I tried, I really did, but we spend too much time out and about to really make it work. I take my son to work with me (we own a shop). Before I did that, there was the daycare issue–cloth diapers were ok, cloth wipes weren’t.

    Sometimes the disposable wipes end up going through the wash, and I reuse them for cleaning up faces and hands and things like that.

  11. I find that cloth wipes work better! Early on, our of curiosity, I would use disposables until I legitimately believed my son’s bum was clean and then use a white flannel wipe over it and there would always be something left behind. EW. I think after the second or third time I tried it, I switched to using the disposable ones we had only on wet diapers.

    We do however keep disposable wipes on hand and use them in the diaper bag, and upstairs in his room where we change only one diaper a day (bedtime) for the easiness factor. That one diaper is never a poopy one anyway, and I would be refilling the tub way more often with cloth wipes. Discovering you are out of wipes in the middle of a bedtime routine is no fun. I know I could keep them there for when we do run out of cloth wipes, but its just easier. No better excuse – I’m just a bit lazy on that one!

  12. I’ve used cloth wipes occasionally and if it was just me, I’d make the switch. But it takes enough cajoling to get her dad and daycare providers to use cloth diapers. I don’t have the energy to try to get them to use cloth wipes too.

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