How to Control a Whole Grain Puff Addiction

It started as a wholesome, organic, whole grain finger food for my baby. (I blogged about it here. We even sing the praises of puffs in The Eco-nomical Baby Guide!) I would sometimes eat a puff or two. Or three. Or a whole bowl full. Or multiple bowls full. After a few months, I had to admit I had a problem. I thought about puffs constantly. I panicked if I started to run low.  Soon I was going though four bags a week.

Rice puffs are the perfect finger food for a baby. My particular weakness, however, were the kamut puffs!

After three years of constant “puffing,” I finally cut back. No, I did not quit cold turkey; I was not strong enough for that. First I went four days without puffing—not once! That was a big step for me—one I was not willing to make for three years. I decided to go on a “healthy eating” kick and that involved more protein, fewer carbs. After the initial withdrawal period, I found myself better able to control my puff urges. Now I’m down to one—okay, or maybe two—small bowls a day.

So do I still recommend Nature’s Path Organic Puff cereals as a finger food? Yes, with reservations. Just learn from my mistakes so you don’t find yourself battling the urge to eat puff after delicious puff.


  1. Sounds like my husband and daughter! It started with the rice puffs and progressed to kamut. 🙂

  2. I’m all about everything in moderation of course, but my family has transitioned to a Paleolithic diet (plus dairy though… need to build those strong bones!) but mostly completely eliminating all processed carbohydrates… I can’t tell you how amazing I feel! My joints ache less when I run, I weigh less, I have more energy… you have to eat more frequently since, without that instant sugar rush that you get when you eat a processed carb (i.e. a piece of bread), if you wait to long to eat a meal you are starved and then chow down on too many almonds or feel like that chicken breast will NEVER POSSIBLY IN A MILLION YEARS fill you up! But a few small shifts and processed carbs are out of our daily like 100% and only show up on special occassions like when I literally need a pizza from the local parlor because I have been craving it for weeks or my Mama makes her famous cinnamon rolls… a splurge or two a month won’t kill anyone! 😛

  3. My 3-year-old loves the corn puffs (round balls, they roll). Couldn’t sell him on the kamut.

  4. I must confess an addiction to Earth’s Best barley teething biscuits!

  5. I’m struggling right now with the same thing!! I can’t help but go through bag after bag each week. All I think about is puffed rice and it’s so weird. I also start to panic when I have no more of it.

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