5 Great Indoor Drying Racks for around $25

(Check out last week’s post for outdoor clotheslines that can accommodate up to 210 feet of laundry.)

You save around $.50 and prevent at least a pound of carbon from polluting the planet when you hang a load of laundry to dry. With an indoor drying rack, you can hang laundry year-round, rain or shine! Here are five great options for about $25:

Compact Accordion Clothes Drying Rack ($25)

I have two racks similar to this one. Chrome is definitely preferable to wood, which seems to be less stable and prone to mold.

Household Essentials 5009 Collapsible Indoor Tripod-Style Clothes Dryer ($25)

Household Essentials 5003 Wall Mount Telescoping Indoor Drying Rack ($25)

Polder Two-Tier Free Standing Clothes Drying Rack with Mesh Garment Dryer ($26)

Moerman 88354 Laundry Solutions Over Bath Airer Indoor/Outdoor Folding Clothes Drying Rack 30 Feet Of Drying Space ($22)

If you’ve tried any of these yourself, let us know what you think!


  1. I really love my Frost drying rack from Ikea. Light, sturdy, five years old and still going strong, folds to nothing, gets two loads of laundry out in minimal space. Right now it is tied to my balcony railing, but come winter it will be in my room.
    Oh and under $20.

  2. I have an accordian rack that I love because it can be folded away easily when not in use, but I also bought a shower curtain rod and put it up in my laundry room. It fits perfectly between the upper cabinets and the wall, right over my washer and dryer. I use hangers and hang dry my clothes there. It works great and it’s out of the way!

  3. This laundry drying rack is a few more than $25. But I love mine. I like that it is made in the US and that it is built to last decades. I have had mine for 2 years and have not had any trouble with it. It also holds a whole load of laundry which is a great benefit.

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