The Wisest Green Baby Splurges

Although I adore secondhand gear, I know that buying heirloom items is a gloriously green option too. Generations of babies can use products that emphasize flexibility, great design, and craftsmanship.  This month stay tuned for updates on green splurge products in every category. What are the most amazing high chairs, car seats, bike carriers, slings, strollers, and other items that are worth the investment?

I’ll be scouring the internet for products that last, not just for multiple children but for many years of your child’s life. After using them for all your children, they should retain a strong resale value. Although I will be especially focusing on high end gear, you can refer to the extensive list of green products in our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide for recommendations that fit with varying budgets.

What if you can’t even imagine spending a few hundred bucks on a single item but are picky about having the very best for baby? The key is to search resale shops and online sites for gently used versions our recommended products. You’ll get them for 50-90% off by buying secondhand and be able to resell them for about the same price that you bought them.

Still, if you want to splurge on baby, or have family members who are itching to shell out some dough for your little one, stay tuned for our reviews in upcoming posts!


  1. I splurged on my Ergo carrier for my oldest son when he was 8 months old. We were heading to Barbados and I knew nothing about the the area so I thought it would be easiest just to carry him. Well I am glad I did bc there sidewalks were about a foot wide and cars would go zooming by. I use the carrier for my youngest son who is 16 months old and occasionally on my now 3 yr old. It was worth every penny imo!

    My second huge splurge–which I did not splurge on it was a gift, was My BOB double stroller. It was a must for me with, at the time, 2 kids under 2. A year and a half later I still use it every single day.

    I plan on having more babies–biological and adoptive, so These two items will be with me for a very long time. I am not sure how the resell would be when I am done bc I plan to have both for years to come. I will probably get a single bob at some point and maybe another carrier but at the moment these 2 are still going strong!

  2. Like Ali my stroller (an Uppa Baby Vista) and carriers (BabyHawk Mei Tai and OhShap) were my splurges. My stroller is my SUV and I would have totally trashed one or two cheap graco ones. We also plan on a large family so I know I will get the use out of my splurges. And I know that when the $1 toddler pants go I can find more at a big resale.

  3. I agree with the splurges on an Ergo and a really good jogging stroller. I walk everywhere with my sixteen-month baby and three-and-a-half year old. They both like the baby jogger, so I carry one in the Ergo the two miles downtown, and the other rides in the baby jogger. They switch on the way back.

    Our new favorite splurge is a Euro Chair from One Step Ahead. It is similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp. It is wooden with an adjustable seat and foot rest. It hold up to 150 lbs, so you can use it for feeding a baby her first food, all the way on up. My three year old hated dangling feet, and she kept putting her feet on the table when she sat in the booster, and that drove me crazy! Love the new chair.

  4. I look forward to this series of posts. I’ve splurged on baby carriers as well. Maybe I should splurge on a stroller. I hate my stroller and I don’t have a double one. I just splurged on bedding for my kids’ bed — hoping the 1-year-old and 3-yr-old will sleep together on a full futon mattress made of all natural materials (organic cotton and natural latex — made locally!) on a hardwood frame. And I’m getting a wool pad and wool pillows. I figure they spend so much time there, and it’s a purchase that should last 10+ yrs. When we don’t want to use it as a bed anymore, we can use it as a sofa!

  5. Like some of the others, my two major splurges have been an Ergo (purchased by me) and a BOB double stroller (a gift). These items are basically essential for me and I use both every single day. I know that I will be able to either sell or, more likely, pass both of them on at some point.

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