Three Top-of-the-line Laundry Racks for around $50

(Note: I promise to stop writing about laundry racks after this post!) Ready for some advanced laundry hanging devices? Last week I presented five mid-range options. Now I bring to you the Rolls Royces of the indoor drying world. These accommodate more laundry for a more satisfying drying experience.

Moerman 88346 Laundry Solutions Y-Airer Indoor/Outdoor Folding Clothes Drying Rack 79 Feet Of Drying Space ($45)

Hills Expanding Indoor Clothes Drying Rack Clothesline ($53)

Moerman Laundry Solutions Airer Indoor/Outdoor Folding Clothes Drying Rack ($50)

I went a few years without a tumble dryer at all, and during that time I used something very similar to the first two options. I was able to hang an entire load on one rack, which is more than I can say for my current ones. Also, these more expensive racks allow you to hang wider items such as sheets. If you have tried any of these, please chime in with your reviews!


  1. I love the clothesline/air drying posts! I have been trying to find the right thing for me and it’s helping me see what’s out there to find the right fit for our family.

  2. Oh, good, Kris! I was thinking I maybe went a little overboard with the drying rack posts!

  3. I second the Frost drying rack from IKEA that a poster mentioned in your other thread on drying racks. It’s nearly identical to the Hills one, and only $20. After getting a cheap wooden one from Target for about the same price, I was thrilled with the sturdy metal of the Frost rack. I can get nearly all of our clothes on it, with some spill-over to another wooden rack I’ve had for almost 12 years (and it’s still going strong). IKEA also has a monster drying rack that folds out into a plus-shape and is at least 6-feet tall. It’s not the Antonius one on their site, but it did cost about $35. It would be a nice one for inside and outside if you wanted. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention any of the IKEA racks in these two posts.

  4. I love my drying rack! I think I have the Moerman. It’s great – it hold a lot of clothes but it collapses down pretty small for storage.

  5. Stef, first of all, it was not two but THREE posts on drying racks. Ha ha. And I guess the reason I didn’t mention the Ikea racks is because I didn’t know about them! I was also limiting it to racks that could be ordered online. Ikeas are usually near large urban areas and hard for many people to get to. I don’t believe you can order their stuff online, but I may be wrong about that! Ikea’s racks definitely sound like great, affordable options for those who live near one!

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