Are You Planting a Winter Garden?

My summer garden is a complete failure, except for a handful of cherry tomatoes, one strawberry, and a few tragically small leeks.  Should I even consider winter gardening?  Although my backyard farming skills are novice at best, it makes me feel better to know that we’re all struggling with low yields this year due to cooler temperatures.  Is winter gardening worth the effort?  Please inspire me with your wisdom!  (Or save me the trouble of even trying…)


  1. It depends on your zone. I can do some root veggies in zone 5. Last year I did late carrots & onions and mulched around them. They did pretty well. I’m going to add garlic this fall to harvest in spring. It’s fun when the gardening bug starts to bite in late winter and you already have something you can harvest!

  2. I have tried some winter gardens in the past, but they didn’t work out. Now the only thing I grow over winter is parsley. I can just throw seeds in, it sprouts up, and I can harvest it all winter long. It is impervious to rain, snow, and slugs. For some reason I’ve never been successful with other cool weather crops like lettuce.

  3. I am planning on doing lettuce and spinach. This is the first year I have tried this but they did pretty good in spring so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. I just planted my winter crops. Since there were plenty of things in my garden that didn’t crop up, I just pulled out some expired plants and sowed some chard, dill, lettuce, mustard, and cilantro. I already had the seeds and the space so I figured I should just try it and see what happened. So far, the chard has sprouted nicely and the others have sprouted sparsely. It’s a big experiment! I haven’t done a winter garden before. In previous years I didn’t have the space at this time of year to plant one. I have a feeling that this year it might work out. It could be our reward for persevering through this summer.

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