Has Anyone Tried Wool Diapers?

I’m intrigued by wool diaper covers and soakers, though I admit I’ve never tried them on my own baby. They are considerably more expensive than cotton or man-made material diapers, but they boast anti-bacterial and absorbent properties. Also, almost all the wool diapers I’ve seen use only the softest yarn, so they’re comfortable against your baby’s skin.

Here are a few wool options:

Kissa’s wool lover diaper cover ($36)

Imse Vimse wool diaper cover ($26)

Baby Beehinds wool wrap diaper cover ($23.50)

Little Beetle little-to-big organic wool diaper cover ($38.95)

Sustainablebabyish knit wool diaper cover ($46.50)

Swaddlebees merino wool diaper cover ($29.95)

Have any of you tried any of these brands? What did you think? Worth the extra expense? Or, if you’re crafty, have you tried making your own wool soakers out of old sweaters? Let us know!


  1. At first with my son we used pul covers. We didn’t know there was a another choice out there. They were okay, but they leaked, left red marks, and started smelling eventually, no matter what I did. When I discovered them, I mooned over wool covers, but the expense was daunting, and the idea of hand-washing them was even more discouraging. I was also skeptical that wool would actually keep the pee in.

    Eventually, I tried repurposing an old sweater. It was such a success! Not only was washing it actually easy, but it only rarely required washing (every 3 weeks, or so). It never leaked, ever (even though my son is a very heavy wetter), and it only smelled a little, and only when it needed to be washed. Best of all, the slight redness that I could never quite get rid of went away in less than a day.

    I was hooked, and when he outgrew the original one (and the others made from thrift store finds), I knit him larger ones from a free pattern I found at Fern & Faerie. He found them even more comfortable, and that’s what we’ve been using ever since. Now that he’s potty training, I have him run around the house in underwear and wool shorties, so I don’t have to clean up quite so many little accidents.

  2. I love wool. I work at a cloth diaper store and all but two employees have come to the same conclusion. I love the breathability, I love that many come in a pull on style, I love the look, the feel and the lack of summer heat rashes. I use Aristrocrats, Swadlebees, Baby Beehinds and my favorite sustainable babyish interlock pull on (in purple).The hardest part is training the inlaws not to throw them in the diaper pail. I wash perhaps once a month and lanolize every two. Which means I ignore them overnight in a bucket. With my toddler in fitteds, we use three, but could easily do two with a PUL cover for backup.

  3. I started using wool with my 2nd child. I have a handful of pull on soakers from sustainablebabyish. I also of some shorts from sustainablebabyish and apple dumpling gear. Longies from–you guessed it, sustainablebabyish and some hand knitted ones from Marmalade baby.

    Some of the items from marmalade baby are in alpaca wool which is softer and I do not have to lanolize. All of the items from there I was able to tell the owner exactly what I wanted an she knitted them up for me. They are adorable and at an awesome price. I have sock monkey longies for both of my boys and NY Yankee shorties for my youngest.

    I like the stlyle of the wool especially the sustainablebabyish and the knitted ones were done in that same karate pant style.

    Sounds weird but even when I have to put a dreaded sposie on my boys they will still wear the wool pants.

  4. i crocheted 5 while i was preggo with #3 and that wouldve been my first attempt. well, he was born 10 lbs 7oz and couldn’t fit a single one! a friend just gave me an old wool sweater and i’m going to try to sew a cover out of it.

  5. Yes! Love wool. I get mine from WAHM’s on etsy. Haven’t broken down to buy a SBISH yet. Would love to have the money to spend on some. I love how they don’t smell!!!

  6. I have the imse vimse wool cover and I absolutely love it! I’ve also made quite a few knitted wool soakers and love them as well, however the imse vimse is the one we turn to for night time. It’s the best!!

  7. I wanted to use wool covers so I started to knit one but never got around to finishing it. Then my first new england summer hit me and with my baby tending to run hot I was worried about wool being too warm. I figured with the cloth diaper + insert part + wool cover + any clothing that went over it would be too much for baby’s warm tush. Did anyone have that problem?

  8. I picked up a few wool diapers and covers at a local diaper store and put them back because they felt too itchy. Maybe they make some that are more comfortable for baby, but I’m going to use organic cotton instead.

  9. i’m pretty new to all of this, and i just have a only-slightly-related question… all this cloth diapers seems great.. less waste, financially a good idea.. .but my question is to the ladies — do you also use non-disposable feminine hygiene products? If so, is it much different? where do you get them? a direct email would be fine — erinm0310@ …. gmail.com

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