What Are The Best Baby Bibs?

They lighten our laundry loads, stop stains, and keep a certain amount of sweet potato puree out of your baby’s lap.  Bibs are undeniably helpful and even eco-friendly.  But which ones are the best?

I set out to find the very best bibs and then found myself quite stuck. Bumkin bibs worked great with our baby, but there are hundreds of brands out there and I have no idea what the favorites are for other parents in the trenches. Of course, it’s best to avoid vinyl and BPA in your bibs, since those are potentially toxic to babies and the environment.

Does your baby even wear a bib? Do you make bibs from kitchen towels? Do your children simply eat in the bathtub? Thanks for giving other new parents your tips!


  1. i do love those bumkin bibs, and the ones with short sleeves are magical.

    someone made us a few from dishtowels, but cloth napkins tie on in a pinch and travel well, too.

  2. We like the bumkin bibs too. I also like the Pelican bibs, although the enclosure has broken on both of ours (that’s the weak link on the bib, literally). But easy to wipe out and easy to fish food out of the pocket. I also just like using a thicker cloth bib. I let a few layers of food dry on it before I toss it in the wash. Currently my one-year-old is absolutely refusing to wear any bib at all, while also demanding that she only feed herself (including spoon-feeding), so that’s a lovely combination.

  3. We use the bumkin bigs for in the diaper bag since they fold to nothing. For the table we use the Baby Bjorn Pelican bibs, which are just prefect in my opinion since they can be washed in the sink instead of waiting for the laundry.

  4. I used to put my son (now 2.5) in an old adult-shirt when he started eating solids. The short sleeves were long sleeves to him and it kept things from getting on his clothes. Then I found these Kushies bibs with sleeves made from taffeta (http://greenbabyshoppe.com/item_212/Lightweight-Taffeta-Waterproof-Bib-With-Sleeves.htm). The worked great with a pocket to catch dropped food and the long sleeves to protect his clothes! I could wash them in the kitchen sink and hang from the oven handle to dry and they dried so quickly I could use it the next meal! Now I use the larger size for my son as an art smock when he’s painting or doing anything messy! I highly recommend these! They also have a verson with the pocket no sleeves (http://greenbabyshoppe.com/item_213/Lightweight-Taffeta-Waterproof-Bib.htm). They’re also so thin, they’re not too hot for summer and fold up small for the diaper bag!

  5. I really do not use bibs. When we do we use bumbkin ones with the sleeves.

    I had a TON of bibs from my baby shower and after 2 babes hardley used any,so I donated them.

    If I have another baby I will get some more bumbkins.

  6. I like the carters dribble happy bibs. They don’t wash up as well as the bumkins bibs, but they are soooo cute.

  7. We love, love, love the Mimi the Sardine bibs. They are an eco friendly, BPA free coated organic cotton with fun prints. The best part is that the coating keeps them waterproof but you can also throw them in the washer (or hand wash them) and they look as new as the day you bought them. They have super cute matching splash mats that you can put under the high chair or kid’s seat and I bring one with me when we visit my overly clean mother. The splash mat also works great as a little picnic blanket so we throw it the diaper bag (it’s super thin and durable) for our impromptu picnic at the park. When we get home we just throw it in the washing machine and hang it to dry.

    In case I don’t have one of my Mimi bibs with me, the diaper bag always has a set of those adjustable clips that can clip on to anything (similar to those clips at the dentist office but much brighter and bigger). This allows us to turn anything into a bib.

  8. My son wore plain cotton bibs that were gifts, hand me downs, etc. for the first couple of months. Then he started yanking on them and eventually pulling them off, leaving angry marks on his neck. We just gave up and stopped using them and I try to remember to take off his clothes before meals. He was a pretty neat eater until he wanted to feed himself so I kind of wish I had insisted he wear them, but I think they were uncomfortable for him.
    If you feed them naked (but for their diaper, and take off the cover if it will stain), you do LESS laundry!

  9. We love Organically Cute baby bibs, for our drooling twins. They are the most fun fabrics and made with 100% organic cotton and snaps – which we love. We tried bibs with velcro but my girls just ripped them off and it irritated their skin. Organically Cute.com doesn’t have any bibs for eating yet, but maybe soon, they said they are expanding their product line.

  10. I really like the Bumkins bibs. We have 2 at this point and I generally hand wash one after a meal and use the other while it is drying – my son is a messy eater. Plus their fabrics are cute too! On the downside the velcro does sometimes irritate his neck if I don’t get the bib positioned just so, but while the irritation looks bad he doesn’t seemed phased by it.

  11. Shea Willcox says:

    a la mode baby.com has beautiful bibs. Soft chenille on the back of really cute prints. Designer fabrics, as well a recycled line. Affordable, and make great gifts.

  12. The bibs would have been great if it used snaps as closure rather than the velcro as it can be easily pulled off.


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