5 New Baby Things in the Last 5 Years

Oh, how things have changed! These five items weren’t on my radar back in the dark ages of 2005:

gDiapers. Technically, gDiapers were available in some markets as early as 2004. However, I don’t remember knowing about them when I was researching diaper options. I went with Chinese prefolds and cloth diaper covers instead!

Glass bottles. Now obviously glass bottles existed in 2005, but back then, they hadn’t worked their way back into favor. Then reports of dangerous chemicals such as BPA started coming out, steering people away from plastics. Soon everyone was jumping on the glass bandwagon.

Born Free Glass Baby Bottles

Affordable organic crib mattresses. Yes, I had read about organic mattresses in Baby Bargains–but they cost so much compared to a conventional mattress back in 2005. Now you can get one for under $100! (Such as the Sealy Naturalis crib mattress with a soybean foam core.)

Bumbo seats. Well, supposedly the Bumbo was invented in 2001, but I don’t remember seeing them during my baby shopping spree five years ago. It’s just as well–they’re made out of non-recyclable foam.

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Where was this revolutionary book on green parenting back when I was expecting a new bundle of joy?! I could have used its wonderful advice on cloth diapering, green baby products, and secondhand baby gear. Thank goodness it’s 2010!


  1. another Josh says

    Been using the gDiapers for the past month or so, and they seem to be working pretty well. We have both the cloth and disposable inserts, so we can put the disposables in when we think we might get a messier deposit. All the grandparents think they are very stylish. Strange think about the cloth inserts though, they suggest washing them 6 times before the first use, to help with absorbency.

    We tried glass bottles, but the daycare didn’t like them. They were worried that they would break if dropped.

    We have a bebePod seat similar to the Bumbo. It’s come in handy, especially before we got a high chair. For a while it was our table centerpiece, with or without kid.

  2. I LOVE those born free glass bottles! As a matter of fact, it took some convincing to get my husband on board…but we have all born free glass and just 2 born free plastic that were a gift and my hubby avoids the plastic like they will give him a disease! The glass ones are comfy and don’t leak and warm up nicely….the plastic, not so much. So, you never know.

    Also- I tried the gDiapers when were were going away for a week…hated them. But that is probably just the usual cloth dipe thing that some things work for your baby and others don’t. My baby has a skinny belly and chunky little thighs so they just didn’t fit snug enough around the belly to prevent upward movement of poop!!!!

  3. My friend gave me her old gdiapers, and her daughter is 4, so I guess they’ve at least been around since 2006? My sister in law lent me her bumbo seat, but it didn’t work – its hard to fit a cloth diaper in there!

  4. We’ll be using all of the above, just not necessarily those brands. I just saw Sarah’s comment and that’s too bad about cloth diapers not fitting in the bumbo seat because we planned to use our bumbo as a high chair to save space. The Eco-nomical Baby Guide was the first book I bought when I found out I was pregnant and I love it!

  5. Those “affordable” mattresses are toxic. Please, please don’t post this information as a good deal on a GREEN baby site!! The materials may be organic, however, there are still toxic flame retardants in the mattress. Just call Sealy. Even though the site claims they are “chemical-free”, they admitted to me it “meets government standards for maximum chemicals allowed” in the flame retardant. They would not disclose what chemicals were in the mattress.
    Naturepedic and White Lotus offer *actual* chemical-free mattresses with safe or no flame retardant.

  6. Thanks for the comment, Tania. I will call Sealy tomorrow to check up on this. My internet search told me that this mattress does NOT contain flame retardants. It seems strange that Sealy would go to the trouble of making an “eco-friendly” mattress that uses soybeans instead of petroleum products–only to douse it all in harmful chemicals. Ugh!

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