What are Your DIY Halloween Costume Ideas?

It’s October–officially time to start thinking about Halloween! What costumes have you created in the past? Do you have any DIY costume ideas for yourself, your baby, or your kids? What about homemade maternity Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments and we’ll highlight our favorites in a future post. Stay tuned!

The ever-popular bandit and swimming bear!


  1. My almost 3 & 4 year old boys are going to a Halloween party as a pair of dice. I saw a bunch of costumes using old boxes in a magazine as a kid and that was one of them (although I myself went for the birthday present option instead). I have two boxes that I’ll cut head and arm holes in. Then I’ll either paint or cover them with white paper (which is more eco-friendly? 🙂 ) and add some black dots.

  2. I didn’t make my kids’ costumes, but we did borrow them from a friend who’s children love to play dress up and have a ton of costumes. The costumes I borrowed are especially “green” because they were purchased second hand by my friend.

  3. This year my husband is going as our daughter’s world (because she really looks up to him). We’re using some packing boxes from our move a few years ago to make a front and back that goes over his shoulders like a sandwich board. I’m going to paint it with water based paints and he’s going to wear a headband that I have and we’re going to attach planets made out of cardboard scraps of the sun and moon and some planets. He’s a good sport! I’ll stay home and hand out our halloween treat (soy based crayons) in a little fabric bag that I’ve quickly made from fabric scraps.

    For our daughter, she’s under 2 so we’re going to just piece together a fairy costume. She was given a hand me down tutu from a cousin so she’s going to wear that with a onsie and sweatpants under it. I’ve made some felt so I’m going to cut some to cover her shoes so they look more fairy like and on one of our hikes we found a great stick on the ground that we’re going to paint, attach with ribbons from previous year’s birthday presents and with the home made felt we’ll make the star on the top of the fairy wand. We’ll make fairy wings from our old hangers and some old tights and paint them with water based paints and use fabric to make the straps to attach them to her. Lastly we’ll use old fake flowers from my grandma’s crafty 70’s arrangements and make a fairy flower crown. Total cost for everything is my time, which is worth it for the fun of creating these costumes and the joy of doing a little to contribute to the earth’s well being! Can’t wait to get some ideas for future Halloween costumes from all of the creative families out there.

  4. Last year we had a last minute diy costume bc my then 2 yr old refused to wear his costume. So we made him a baseball player bc he had a baseball jersey already that was a gift from an aunt and the same teams sweatsuit that was a gift from someone.

    We could have save a lot of money if we did not buy that silly dragon costume in the first place.

  5. My little boy wants to go as the wind this year. We’re going to use some super strong gel to make his hair look like it’s blowing behind him and put silver and blue streaks, maybe even a cloud. Then we’re going to attach some fabric to wire to be streaming behind him. We got the idea from Martha Stewart and modified it a little.

    Last year he was the classic ghost – a sheet with holes for eyes. It was a BIG hit with all the adults because it was so “retro”. He is very shy and loved being able to hide under the sheet.

    2 years ago he was a spider. Black turtleneck, black sweatpants, 4 lengths of pipe insulation (very cheap at hardware store) either painted black or, in our case, wrapped in black velour. Make the pipe insulation the length of his arms and attach it (sewing will be the most secure but hot glue will work too) to the side seams of the shirt. string them together and to his wrists and elbows so that when he lifts his arms, 6 of the spider legs go up (number 7 and 8 are his legs). I attached some big eyes to a black ski cap. Finally, we looked at spider markings in a book we found in the library and we used bright green duct tape (reflective tape, even better) to make spider markings on the back and legs for visibility.

    My daughter wants a full-on Jasmine costume this year and she doesn’t want it to look like the disney version – she wants the authentic arabian girl look and supposedly I”m making it. Umm… better get sewing.

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