Family Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

If it seems far too difficult to come up with individual costumes for everyone this year, why not just choose a Halloween costume family theme? You can buy your Halloween gear at a thrift store or maybe even use the contents of your closet to create Halloween costumes. And why not involve grandparents and cousins as well? You can form a huge matching trick-or-treating team!

Band of 1960’s hippies: This works well for the green and groovy among us. Dress your family up in fringy vests, headbands, and tall boots. Throw in a few peace sign accessories and you’ll be set!

Family of geeks: Pocket protectors, mismatched clothing, argyle socks and odd hairstyles is all you’ll need for this classic look. There’s nothing more irresistible than a nerd baby or a pregnant geek!

Vampire clan: Black sheets from the thrift store can easily be fashioned into matching capes for all. If you’re even more creatively skilled, you can go for the classic Adam’s family theme.

Fairy Tale Family: Why not have Snow White married to Shrek?  You can mix and match characters for various fairy tales or stick with one particular story as seen in the picture above.

Random superheroes: Of course there are the traditional superheroes (my costume would definitely be Wonder Woman!) but why not invent your own superhero personas?  My son would be “The Rocket” with a cape, mask, and possibly some spandex.  It’s ambiguous enough that he can invent his own super powers.  His sister could be “Green Girl” if I can find enough garments in the right shade….

Are you planning your costumes already? Will you be creating a getup from your own closet, borrowing, or heading off to the thrift shop this year? There are millions more family costume ideas out there. Please share your ideas!


  1. I have no idea what we’re doing for Halloween this year, but wanted to share a cute family theme costume some friends of mine did last year–the toddler was a leprechaun, the very pregnant mother was a pot of gold (black clothes with some gold coins glued at the top) and the father was a rainbow (basically he wore brightly colored clothes and a rainbow afro wig). They looked adorable!

    I’m just hoping I can convince my son to wear a costume this year–he flat out refused last year.

  2. I would like to point out that Your second entry should be “Family of Nerds” not “Family of Geeks”. This diagram nicely illustrates the distinction: (The fact that I am sending you venn diagram to illustrate the difference between a geek and dork puts me firmly in geek/nerd territory but since I have a husband, a social life, and can carry on a conversation with a non-geek/nerd shows that I am truely a geek and not a nerd 😉

  3. We’ve never done themed costumes before but my son declared he wanted to be a mosquito and shortly after, his sister said she wanted to be a ladybug. So I found a used bumble bee costume for the baby, got a pair of kids butterfly wings for myself on craigslist ($2!) and my very non-festive husband said he’ll be an exterminator.
    Hey at least he’s dressing up for once!
    The best part is we can use things we already have in our closets. We just need to make a mosquito head and a few antennae and wings.

  4. Well my kids decided separately to go as the wind and Jasmine so someone suggested I be a magic flying carpet. Or I could just go as a doormat, being the mom and all.=)

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