Low-Cost Green Crib Mattress Options: The Sealy Naturalis Crib Mattress Update

Last week we reviewed the Sealy Naturalis crib mattress with organic cotton but somehow accidentally merged it with the  Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress.  After some thoughtful readers clarified our error, we emailed the company to get more information and are now back to you with the answers.

The Sealy Soybean foam core crib mattress (from $131) doesn’t claim to be organic in any way, but does use soybeans in the mattress core.  You’ll save 32% at Amazon on this mattress, which adds up to nearly sixty bucks!  Since the soybeans only contribute partially to the foam, it isn’t a perfectly green solution but it is trying to utilize a renewable resource instead of depending on crude oil for a completely polyurethane mattress.  The cover is vinyl but is tested for phthalates, lead and other chemicals.

The Sealy Naturalis crib mattress with organic cotton is currently twenty percent off at Amazon, making just under a hundred dollars. The cover is a vinyl laminate  which is again tested for phthlates and other toxins.  Since it’s nearly impossible to find even a partially organic crib mattress for that price, it’s currently our top pick.

As for the flame retardants, the company wasn’t able to disclose the details, but explained that they are naturally-derived and have been tested for safe use with infants.  (They apparently don’t want to disclose them so that their competitors don’t know either.)  But when I spoke on the phone with the customer service representative, she shared that the fire proofing components were made from a salt-based material. My guess is that they use boric acid—which seems to be one of the preferable fire proofing options available.

It’s wise to be concerned about potential toxins, but I’d be worried if my child’s mattress wasn’t fire resistant. Surely flames would be more dangerous to her than anything else if there ever was a fire. The other route is to buy something like the Organic Wool and Cotton Crib Coil Mattress, which is a whopping $350.00.  The wool is naturally fire retardant, and the product has gotten excellent reviews, but the cost will most likely keep many families from being able to buy green.

Did you go organic with your baby’s crib mattress?  Was price an obstacle?  Both Rebecca and I used mainstream mattresses with both our kids, but I think I would have bought organic way back when if lower cost options had been available.


  1. Thanks for the original post and update. We are looking to upgrade my son’s mattress and I definitely need something under $100. We were looking at Ikea mattresses because I had heard they do not contain pthalates, lead, or brominated flame retardants, but I have not been able to verify that claim anywhere. Still looking, but we may settle on the Sealy naturalis.

  2. I was searching for a present for a friend, I appreciate your posting since this gave me the good ide of getting her the crib mattress, I know she will love it! Thank you.

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