Any Eco-friendly Halloween Decor Ideas?

How do we gear up for Halloween here at the Green Baby Guide? Normally we just stick a baby in a pumpkin and leave it at that. (See my niece sporting her compostable pumpkin diaper below.)

Do you have any green Halloween decorating tips and tricks? Let us know!


  1. I steal an idea from a friend, and decorate with uncarved sugar pumpkins, then afterwards, I bake ’em, toast the seeds, and make pumpkin soup! The only waste is the skin, which goes in the compost anyway.

  2. We go on a walk and collect whatever we can find from outside, then bring in and spend an hour decorating. Kids are SO creative and love to gather and putting together little vignettes.

    Also, this year I decorated a dowel tree that I’d made for Christmas last year, with handmade Halloween themed ornaments. You can see that here

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