Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes of 2010

We asked our readers what their favorite DIY Halloween costume ideas were, and they delivered!  How will they outfit those trick-or-treaters this year?

Pair of dice. Cut head and arm holes in boxes. Paint them or wrap them in white paper, add some black dots. (Thanks, Brittany!)

The world. Use old boxes to make a sandwich board that fits over the shoulders. Paint it. Attach planets, the sun, and the moon made from cardboard scraps onto a headband. (Thank you, Lauren!)

Fairy. Scavenge around the house for materials! Lauren’s daughter will wear a tutu over a onesie and sweatpants. Felt will cover her shoes, transforming them into fairy shoes. Make a wand out of a stick, ribbons, and paint. Fashion wings out of hangers and old tights. The final touch? A crown made from fake flowers.

Baseball player. If your child refuses to wear a store-bought get-up, just use one of his outfits that can approximate a costume! Ali transformed her son into a baseball player by dressing him in a baseball jersey and sweat suit he already had in his closet.

These last three are from Eileen:

The Wind. Use strong hair gel to make your child look like he’s caught in a wind tunnel. Add silver and blue streaks and a cloud. Attach some fabric to wire to stream behind him.

Classic ghost. It doesn’t get simpler than this! Cut eye holes in a white sheet for a retro Halloween look. (Check out the detailed instructions over on Kaboose.)

Spider. Here are Eileen’s instructions: Black turtleneck, black sweatpants, 4 lengths of pipe insulation (very cheap at hardware store) either painted black or, in our case, wrapped in black velour. Make the pipe insulation the length of his arms and attach it (sewing will be the most secure but hot glue will work too) to the side seams of the shirt. string them together and to his wrists and elbows so that when he lifts his arms, 6 of the spider legs go up (number 7 and 8 are his legs). I attached some big eyes to a black ski cap. Finally, we looked at spider markings in a book we found in the library and we used bright green duct tape (reflective tape, even better) to make spider markings on the back and legs for visibility.

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Happy costuming!

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