Last Minute Green Halloween Tips

If you’re like most of us, you’re scrambling to handle those last minute Halloween decorating and costume creation challenges.  We’ve put together a quick list of some great green Halloween tips for your festivities that are easy and cheap!

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, Rebecca has a lineup of simple and elegant Halloween crafts.  You may want to cut out a DIY Halloween spiderweb, or if you’re feeling less ambitious, you can make a DIY Paper Jack-O-Lantern with your little one in a matter of minutes.  There’s nothing quite as simple and spooky as the vintage DIY simple paper spider in its web from last year’s post.

Still haven’t picked up that Halloween candy?  There are several Organic and Eco-Friendly Halloween treats to choose from, or you could fill a bowl with coins, marbles, crayons, stickers and decorative band-aids and let the kids pick their own loot.

Simple DIY Halloween costumes can be the best part of the whole celebration!  They’re especially fun when you’re choosing family themed Halloween costumes or creating last minute baby Halloween costumes. If you want to get some laughs out of your pregnancy check out our list of DIY Maternity Halloween costumes.

How is your Halloween planning going this year?  Are your spiderwebs in the windows?  Are your costumes all set?  Please share!


  1. Here’s what I’ve decided to give out to trick or treaters this year: I spent just under $4 on a pack of 72 temporary dinosaur tattoos, and I am going to fill a bowl with small toys that my 4-year-old doesn’t play with (some came from Happy meals my husband bought, others will come from the outrageous collection of Hot Wheels cars we have). I figure each child will get two tattoos and their pick of one toy. Hopefully it will work out! It’s recycling, and it’s cheap, and won’t cause any cavities. 🙂 (I should note that in my neighborhood we get a maximum of 20 children trick-or-treating, so the toy recycling idea may not work for those of you with a higher volume of little ones in your neighborhood.)

  2. All these are great ideas and recycling toys is neat too. What we’ve found is that as long as things are new-to-kids and they are given a choice, they are happy. In fact, children tend to be so overexposed to candy that slowing them down and letting them choose adds to the fun.

    Unlike most parents think, candy is NOT the only thing kids will pick when given a choice.

    And of course, we’ve got dozens of other ideas at Green Halloween®.

  3. Love these tips! just sent out a new e-blast with “8 Last Minute Green Halloween Ideas”:

    There’s some good ones in here.

  4. I took a cue from these green candy-free tips and decided to hand out mini playdoh cups, fruit snacks, and popcorn. And I thought I’d report back that they were a hit with all ages – even the teens were excited about black paydoh!

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