DIY Holiday Cards or Otherwise Green Greeting Ideas

On Tuesday we revealed our top picks for eco-friendly holiday cards. But buying a box of recycled cards and sending them far and wide isn’t the only way—or even the best way—to green your greetings. Here are some other ideas:

Don’t send a paper card at all! Electronic greeting cards save on paper and shipping. Check out,, and

Go for greener photo cards. Photo cards and foil-lined envelopes cannot be recycled. Check out for photo cards that are recycled and recyclable.

This homemade Christmas card was easy to mass produce. I simply cut out the snowy house scene, glued it on thick blue paper, and wrote “Merry Christmas” coming out of the chimney with a silver pen.

Make your own cards. Do an online search for “DIY holiday cards” or “DIY Christmas cards” and you’ll find hundreds of cute, easy ideas—many of which require materials you have around the house. DIY Life has a great round-up of DIY holiday card crafts. I’ve made cards using my paper cutting skills for several consecutive years. Cut a simple tree out of an interesting page in a magazine, glue on a piece of thick paper, and voila!

One of my simplest DIY holiday card creations–cut out a dove, glue it on the card, and scribble on “Peace” with a green pen.

Forgo the card-giving tradition altogether. I know, I know—this tip is no fun at all. But if you don’t enjoy sending out cards, don’t force yourself to do it out of obligation. After all, it’s the green thing to do!


  1. I like that you mentioned homemade cards – I’m definitely making my own this year! I’ve been looking for resources for creative cards and this is by far my favorite – Unexpected Homemade Christmas Cards. Happy holidays (almost)!

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