GroVia Diapers vs. gDiapers: Have You Tried Diaper Hybrids?

Up until recently, the main hybrid diaper on the market was gDiapers, a nifty little product that used a flushable or cloth insert with a waterproof fabric cover. GroVia now offers a similar product line with some adorable prints available for December of this year!

Interestingly both gDiapers and GroVia now offer cloth liners, making them a very flexible product that can either be used as cloth diaper, a disposable diaper, or both!  Why not use cloth most of the time but buy the disposable liners for travel or daycare?

In the Eco-nomical Baby Guide we offer a full cost breakdown for every type of eco-friendly diapering system available, and at that time hybrids came out as the most expensive.  Now that cloth inserts are available for hybrids, their overall cost will drop dramatically.

Has anyone tried GroVia diapers?  One of our most popular posts is packed with comments and customer reviews for gDiapers.  We’d like to know how GroVia stacks up!


  1. gDiaper look like a great idea, but it seems like the experience for many is that they end up being the worst of both worlds. GroVia (which were GroBaby) seems to be the best of both. We have a GroBaby set and find it lovely. The newer ones have a few genuine improvements, but are very similar. The shell is soft, and real elastic really works to keep ‘stuff’ inside. I particularly like the way they feel around the tummy and the snap in liner so it is not shifting around. It still fits well on a tall 27lb. The cloth liners take a little longer in the dryer, but are absorbent even with out the extra soaker. They are a very trim fitting diaper. The disposable insert is basically a diaper with out the tabs and goes in like a feminine pad. We are happy with it and it is far easier than our usual disposable routine of diaper then cloth diaper cover. The disposable inserts also work with other cloth diaper covers that have any sort of lining as opposed to wipe clean PUL. Flip by cotton babies also has a disposable insert option.

  2. I haven’t tried the Grovia, but I do own quite a few Grobaby (their original). I really like those diapers, but they are really expensive. They are great for babies in the beginning and do contain breastfed poops really well. Besides the price, the only other big annoyance is the fit. They run SMALL. My daughter still fits in them, but my son recently outgrew them and they are the only one size diaper he can’t fit into anymore. I believe this problem was addressed when they rebranded as Grovia.
    Overall they are a nice, easy and absorbent diaper. Also, now that the option is available for all, buy snaps! Not only does it eliminate some laundry annoyancea, it eliminates your baby being able to easily take them off! Both of mine have gone through that stage.

  3. I tried gDiapers thinking they might be nice to have when we were out and about and stick to cloth at home. I hated them! They ended up being quite a pain to deal with and quite messy. Much easier to deal with a poo mess with my regular cloth diapers. I sold my covers/liners.

  4. I have the grovia diapers and love them. I have only had one or two problems with pee leaking out with my two year old and that is within 2 months, so not bad at all. Don’t know how they do with a newborn but we will see soon. The biodegradable liners are wonderful when taking long trips and you don’t want to deal with the soaker pads. The only thing that I don’t like is that the soaker pads seem to stain pretty easily. Otherwise a great diaper and I will probably buy more.

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