Top Five Green Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Moms

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

Over the years we have reviewed some fabulous products that just might be a perfect find for the pregnant mother on your holiday gift list this year.

  1. The Eco-nomical Baby Guide is the book that we both wish we would have had while pregnant.  It emphasizes going green by reducing, reusing and recycling (saving you thousands!) and provides loads of insider tips on cloth diapering.  Plus it’s packed with reviews of quality green gear for every price point. Did I mention that we wrote it? We may be a tad bit biased, but this is a beautiful and very helpful gift!
  2. The Ergo Carrier is a gift that will keep baby close to mom while protecting her back.  We’ve had rave reader reviews that attest to the Ergo’s versatility and usefulness over several years of baby’s life.
  3. Although most new moms are showered with dozens of receiving blankets, none of them will have the feel and quality of the Bambu Baby Blanket. It’s ample size and fleecy surface will quickly make it her favorite of the bunch. My child drags hers through the dirt on a regular basis, as it has become her official comfort object, and it survives almost daily laundering quite sturdily while remaining soft.
  4. A quality Nathan Stainless Steel Flip Straw Bottle is a fabulous gift for someone who is constantly being reminded to hydrate.  Its flip top makes it easy to sip while driving and its wide mouth accommodates ice cubes quite nicely .  It also comes with three extra straws just in case.  Plus, she’ll appreciate it even more if she’s in the extreme thirst of breastfeeding.
  5. BONUS!  How about a Sealy Naturalis crib mattress with organic cotton?  You can win one of these for your favorite mom in our organic mattress giveaway! There are only three weeks left and several ways to enter, so jump right in!

Short on cash?  Why not put together your own gift basket, or offer to deliver regular meals during those early weeks with baby?  What were your favorite gifts as an expectant mother?

Note to readers: I did not receive payment for any of these products, but I have to say that I have personally used the water bottle, the baby blanket, and the Ergo carrier and loved them.  As for the book, I can only say that it’s my new favorite baby shower gift!

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