Green Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby and Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Baby

We like the emphasize that most babies will be utterly content receiving a cardboard box this holiday season, but if family and friends insist, we do have some excellent ideas for green gifts.

If your child is old enough to interact with bigger playthings, there are plenty of wooden toys for babies and kids and other types of eco-friendly toys for babies and young children.

Looking for stocking stuffers for babyBaby Legs are inexpensive, adorable, and long lasting.  They come in just one size that can potentially be worn from infancy through the preschool years.  And there’s no need to take them off when changing your tot’s diaper or setting your babe on the potty. Natural teething tablets are also a great addition to baby’s holiday loot.

The best present you may be able to give, is a full night of sleep for a newborn baby’s parents. And it costs nothing, has no packaging and requires no shipping or handling.  We hope you find the perfect gift for the baby in your life this year!

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