What Are You Giving Baby This Holiday Season?

A wooden spoon?  A secondhand rattle?  A children’s museum membership?  A ribbon?  What are you planning to wrap up for your tot this year?  If you opt not to give her a gift, don’t worry.  She’d most likely play with the wrapping paper anyway.  (Unless you decide to whip up a batch of homemade holiday fabric gift bags!)

We also love buying gifts of experience.  Since they were activities rather than objects, they didn’t have to be stashed in baby’s tiny room and they always provided great memories.

Our baby was just six months old during her first Christmas and had no idea what was going on so she received a few secondhand playthings plus gifts from family and friends. Now that she’s older, we’ve found some amazing garage sale deals including a dollhouse and wooden pull toy, but she won’t be getting mounds of loot.  How are you handling the holidays with your baby?


  1. I just had a shower for my baby due in January. Because it’s the holiday season, and because I’m happier to get items my baby will actually need or enjoy rather than status-y things, I encouraged my guests to bring handmade gifts (like knit caps, blankets, and towel bibs) and clothing from a local baby consignment shop. The party was a lot of fun, nobody had to spend a fortune, and the guests had the fun option of designing or choosing their own gifts for the baby instead of just picking them off a registry.

    I like the idea of experiential gifts for my baby’s first Christmas, which (hopefully!) will be next year. And maybe a few things wrapped in cardboard boxes, which are themselves excellent toys in the eyes of little kids. 🙂

  2. Our 16 month old will be receiving a couple new necessities (cloth diapers, soft soled boots) and one toy.

  3. My youngest is now 2.5 (and I can hardly believe it!). While she isn’t technically a baby anymore, she still doesn’t need much for the holidays. Nor do any of my kids really. But this is the only time of year when we really buy them anything extra, so we do buy them a few gifts. I think very hard about what they might really like for the next year (or more) and also what they might need. I will be buying with thought and hopefully supporting local businesses and handmade when I can. 🙂

  4. Love the idea here and last year, we skipped the craziness for my then 7 month old son. My family spoiling him like crazy was already assumed!

    This year, he is getting a Little People farm set, which I bought new but anticipate years of play for each of our kids and then I will pass it along or consign/donate it. He is also recieving a set of green toys dishes and pots and pans and I have hand made felt food out of eco felt for him. He loves to play in his kitchen so I know this will get a lot of action. I want him to learn to love both store and handmade gifts because I know he will get a lot of each throughout his childhood and because making the felt food was far more budget friendly.

  5. my babe is growing out of her newborn dipes, so i’ll probably wrap some new to us cloth dipes for under the tree. at 2 months she doesn’t need anything else! I might hit the recycled baby stuff store and look for a cute new outfit, but we really don’t need ant@

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