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How Does One Launder Cloth Diapers? Read Here to Find Out

What’s the very best, most efficient way to wash cloth diapers? The answer lies in our groundbreaking book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Get thee a copy at once!

It turns out, we have a lot more to say about laundering cloth diapers. Perhaps it started with the question, Can you wash diapers in cold water? It turns out that yes, you can save energy by washing cloth diapers in cold water. To take that conservation further, you can wash cloth diapers in a front-loading washing machine.

If you’re wondering if the water and energy used to wash cloth diapers is just as bad as using disposable diapers, you might want to check out this post: Washable vs. disposable: environmental debates to ponder. Also, remember that you can offset the water used to wash cloth diapers.

Last Minute Charity Ideas–Plus Where to Donate Cloth Diapers!

There are only a few days left to squeeze in your charitable gifts for 2010–and options abound.  If I was as organized and systematic as I dream of being, I would have scheduled monthly deductions that spread out over the year–but in the throes of early parenthood it’s often tough to think beyond sleep, cloth diaper laundry, and dinner.

A few weeks ago we started our charity efforts with a toy purge. It took us hours, but we sent off five large boxes packed with high quality toys for other children to enjoy.  This prevented us from being overwhelmed with the new holiday loot and gave us the good feeling of passing along valuable items–many of which were purchased at thrift stores to begin with!

Green Baby Guide’s Most Popular Posts of All Time

Happy birthday to us! We’re celebrating three years of blogging (as of last Friday) by reviewing our top ten posts of all time here on the Green Baby Guide. Now, according to our stats, A Fan of Fans has the most views of any post, but we chalk that up to a Googling fluke. So how to do we measure the success of a post? By the reception it gets from you, our dedicated readers! Here are the top ten most-commented-upon posts of all time!*

Four of our most popular posts were about . . . you guessed it: diapers

#10, tied with 23 comments each:

Easy Homemade Beans and Hearty Bean Soup Recipes

Beans are a nutritional superstar.  It’s tough to find other hearty, protein packed food that are as rich in nutrients and fiber and low in cost.  They can be added to Yumm Bowls and soups as the main protein or can help you cut back a bit on the meat in your standard carnivorous favorites.  But making homemade beans has alluded me for years.

So why even attempt to cook dried beans?  The sodium content is far lower and the flavor can’t be beat.  Plus I won’t have to recycle several aluminum cans and I’ll pay three to five times less per serving.

Happy Holidays . . . and Happy Blogoversary to Us!

It’s Christmas Eve! And also, tonight marks the third anniversary of the Green Baby Guide. Why we decided to launch our website on a major holiday remains a mystery to this day. . . .

Never Buy Wrapping Paper Again! Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas

Blast from the past! This was our very first post on the Green Baby Guide. It ran almost three years ago today!

What would Christmas morning be without festive wrapping paper and fancy bows? (“It’s about peace and love and the birth of our Savior!” you answer.) Okay, but stick with me here. I’m talking about every kid’s much-awaited vision of Christmas morning. Will my daughter grow up deprived if I deny her the tearing-up-the-gift-wrap experience that is every American child’s birthright? Oh, she’ll have Christmas gifts aplenty—but this year, I’ve devised some eco-friendly alternatives to disposable gift wrap. If I start this practice before she’s speaking in full sentences, it should be easy, and she’ll never know what she’s missing.

DIY Last Minute Holiday Gifts

If you’re in a last minute panic and can’t imagine lugging your children through crowded shops, our vintage posts can save the day!

These fast and easy gingerbread cookies taste great and handle beautifully.  Although people always seem to be impressed by the mysterious qualities of gingerbread, you’ll have a batch whipped up in no time flat.  (There’s no refrigeration required.)

You can involve your children with making DIY: salt dough ornaments.  You can also use the dough for their little handprints if you want a great gift idea for grandparents.

Simple homemade play-dough is a great stocking stuffer or holiday craft to keep your kids busy while you tuck presents under the tree.

The Green Baby Guide’s Best POCKET Diaper Posts

Not sold on pocket diapers? Check out how to choose an eco-friendly diaper system and figure it out once and for all! Joy and I had an old-fashioned diaper duel (which involved impassioned blogging rather than shooting each other at forty paces) in which she argued that pocket diapers are better than prefolds.

The bumgenius one-size diaper adjusts to fit babies as they grow.

Her love for pocket diapers was so strong that her argument came in the form of a five-point ode. Powerful stuff. After our fight had reached a stalemate, she came back with three more reasons she loves pocket diapers. She just won’t take “prefolds are better” for an answer!

Should We Buy a Bigger House? A Green Dilemma

Today I’m turning to all of you in an online opinion poll to help my family make a major life decision: Should we move to a bigger house?

I know you’re all up to your elbows in mistletoe and holiday cards, but we’re in the midst of a major transition and I love getting advice from wise readers.

You may remember my proud posts on the budgetary and environmental benefits of small homes.  We have been quite happy in our thousand square foot house for several years and the income from the small studio apartment we rent out back makes it even better.  Here’s a summary of why we should keep living in our small home:

What are Your Favorite Holiday Crafts for Kids?

Joy went over our top holiday crafts for kids a couple weeks ago. That post contains classics like how to make a proper paper snowflake and homemade baked Christmas ornaments. Yesterday Audrey and I spent a couple hours decorating construction paper trees and gingerbread men—a highly recommended activity for the preschool set. We also gathered branches and leaves and tied them onto a paper plate ring to make a simple wreath. Even really young children could enjoy gathering the supplies for that one, though I suppose if you live in a snow-encrusted area, that might prove difficult.