How Does One Launder Cloth Diapers? Read Here to Find Out

What’s the very best, most efficient way to wash cloth diapers? The answer lies in our groundbreaking book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Get thee a copy at once!

It turns out, we have a lot more to say about laundering cloth diapers. Perhaps it started with the question, Can you wash diapers in cold water? It turns out that yes, you can save energy by washing cloth diapers in cold water. To take that conservation further, you can wash cloth diapers in a front-loading washing machine.

If you’re wondering if the water and energy used to wash cloth diapers is just as bad as using disposable diapers, you might want to check out this post: Washable vs. disposable: environmental debates to ponder. Also, remember that you can offset the water used to wash cloth diapers.

Can we recommend an eco-friendly, diaper friendly detergent? And what’s the cheapest eco-friendly laundry detergent? If your diapers are smelly or stained, what should you do? Here’s a simple, eco-friendly solution for stinky diapers: Use hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach.

While both Joy and I are lucky enough to have washers and dryers at home, we know others live in apartments or rely on community laundry machines. So we asked our readers: Did you use a Laundromat or coin-op machines for washing diapers? Washing cloth diapers in an apartment: eco-friendly or totally nuts?

Finally, what about drying your cloth diapers? Don’t click on that last link unless you’re prepared to be shocked by Joy’s confession!


  1. I washed cloth diapers in two apartment washing machines before we moved to a place with our own. Apart from the annoyance of quarters, it was fine. Still less expensive than a cloth diaper service to be worth it. We had prefolds so they can take a little less fussy washing with no extra rinses.

    And for stinky diapers, what worked best for my hemp fitteds is a 1/8 cup of baking soda with the detergent in every wash. And Country Save is my eco-friendly detergent of choice, and also one of the cheapest (and delivered by Amazon)

  2. I have been lucky to have a front loader while washing cloth diapers. I do think it makes a big difference!

    I use Country Save too and having tried other eco-friendly brands, it is definitely the best for our diapers. And not too expensive either!

    I line dry when I can, but in the Northwest that isn’t as often as I would like. We also don’t have enough diapers to wait a few days for them to dry indoors. I love the sun to get rid of the stains though!

    I have to say that we are nearing our end of the diaper days altogether and I can’t wait! 😉

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