Which Cloth Diapers Last The Longest?

The Chinese prefolds I’ve used are legendary for the many baby bottoms they kept dry over the years. Those very worn cotton prefolds were purchased secondhand, used by my son, passed onto another baby, and then swaddled my daughter. Finally, I gave the surviving few away to another new mom while the rest are used as kitchen rags. While the prefolds were incredibly sturdy, I didn’t have the same luck with the wraps. Although I purchased them new, the velcro is worn and pulls away from the seams a bit more with each use. (I know I could repair the cloth diaper velcro, but my daughter is just months away from potty training so I think we’ll just wait it out.)

I now think snaps are the key to cloth diaper longevity. My Fuzzy Buns Pocket Diapers still function quite well after diapering two children for a number of years and they look pretty spiffy too!  The velcro all-in-one cloth diapers I’ve borrowed from friends haven’t fared as well.  (By the way, if you have no idea what all this cloth diapering lingo means, you’re not alone.  We actually wrote The Eco-nomical Baby Guide to support people who want to learn about cloth diapering, buying used and buying less.  If you can’t buy it or find it for free at your local library, check out our quick run down on cloth diaper vocabulary.)

Has anyone tried Motherease Cloth Diapers? I’ve heard rave reviews about their sturdy construction and long life.  Imse Vimse Cloth Diapers also have a loyal following, but both of these brands are extremely expensive.  Do they pay off if used for multiple children?

Please let our readers know if you have a wonderful cloth diaper brand that has survived years of wear and keeps on going. Did you buy or inherit secondhand cloth diapers–or was it worth investing in new ones?


  1. Pf’s are definately the longest lasting. I also like snaps but if you have snaps with synthetics material it will eventually wear down. Wraps may not last too long bc of aplix but wool last forever.

    Also my fav fitted are clovers. The reason is is bc they are madeof 100% organic cotton. They also will repair or replace your diaper if there is damage–elastic, holes, snap issues. And there is no time period! So if you plan on having more then 1 kiddo this is the way to go! They say they know wich diaper is theres so there is no mistaken them.

    There are alot of awesome companies out there that are very helpful so if there is a problem with there diaper they will fix it. The problem is is that most have a time frame of 1 yr so if you have a couple of children the diapers may not last through all the babes!

  2. I agree with Ali. Prefolds and wool will last along as the material does.
    Snaps wear far better than velcro and elastic and pul will eventually die.

  3. I also am a convert to snaps, although velcro is nice to use initially when you are switching from disposables to cloth. Another benefit of snaps, your toddler can’t undo them as well. I converted my bumGenius and Thirsties covers to snaps and they are still going strong on baby #2 at 18 months. The Thirsties covers are showing some wear at the closure b/c they aren’t really meant for snaps and aren’t thick enough. My prefolds are still going strong. I love them. I only use the BG at night, so I’m not sure how durable they really are.

  4. Chinese prefolds are definitely long-lasting. My first set of ‘baby premium’ size has been in constant use for almost four years with three different babies…and not even kidding, a few have just started to get holes. I just bought another set of the same size because my 3 year old (at naps) and 9 month old are both wearing that size now and I was tired of doing laundry all the time.

    I also bought a couple of Thirsties “Duo Wraps” covers. So far (less than a week), I’ve been really impressed with them. They are PUL covers that grow with baby, much like a one-size pocket diaper. They’re available in snaps or velcro, but I bought snaps to hopefully last longer! Not as long as wool, I know…but I was looking for something a little less expensive. 🙂

  5. We have used Mother-Ease with our two and love them! We have the ones with snaps and they look about as new as when we first bought them, 2.5 years (and two kids) ago. I also have two Bumgenius with the velcro, and while I like how babysitter-friendly they are (they just go on like a disposable would) I don’t love how the velcro catches things in the wash if I forget to fold it down. It is also wearing quickly and I’m not sure it would last through as many uses.

  6. I have come to realize that nearly all cloth diapers have their fans and their detractors. I think it is a personal decision. Even my husband and I like different ones better!

    I love my Fuzzi Bunz the best out of every brand I have tried though.

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