Green Baby Guide’s Best Budget Posts

After the holidays, we’re generally stocked on fulfilling memories and stale sugar cookies–but not so much on cash. If you’re looking to slim down your January budget, we have several vintage posts with earth friendly, budget friendly tips.

You have to eat, right? If you’d love to spend just $175 per month on your groceries, while buying mostly organic food, you have to check out Rebecca’s post on Saving Money on Organic Groceries.

If your baby is on solids, you can save hundreds of dollars with DIY organic baby purees–and you won’t need fancy equipment or loads of extra time.

Laundry is another unavoidable budget item, but we do have a recommendation for the least expensive green laundry detergent.  (It happens to be quite effective too!)

Slim down your baby-related costs by using our money-saving cloth diapering tips and looking at our top lactation posts for breastfeeding support.

If your body is transitioning into or out of pregnancy, buy secondhand maternity clothes or opt for a secondhand  postpartum transition wardrobe.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on clothes you’ll only be wearing for a matter of months?

Speaking of transitional wardrobes, really all of baby’s clothes during her first year will be worn for a very short period of time.  We’ll give you the insider scoop on going green by buying used baby clothes.

And while you’re happily saving hundreds, you may not realize that all this frugality has secondary benefits for your family and your overall quality of life.  We’re big believers in the long term rewards of under indulgence.

Just how much money did we save going green on a budget?  Each of our families saved nearly six thousand dollars in our babies’ first year alone.   Our new book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide shares a detailed account of our frugal, green adventures.  Read it for free at your local library or see if your doctor’s office would be willing to pick up a copy for their lending library.  Even if you do shell out a whopping $13.50 for your own copy on Amazon, you’ll see your family’s personal savings far exceed the cost.

Are you cutting back this January?  I have to confess that we’ve been gifted with a frequent flyer mile ticket to Hawaii for a family reunion for late this month.  So while we’re looking forward to the fun, we’re also using our frugal skills to their fullest this month in preparation for some upcoming splurges.  (Shave ice, snorkeling, and sushi!) That’s what frugality is all about to me——being purposeful with saving so that when it comes time to spend, we’re ready!

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