Nighttime Cloth Diapering Success Stories

Yesterday Joy attempted to solve her nighttime cloth diapering problem using cloth diaper history. Ever since we started the Green Baby Guide in 2007, she’s been puzzling over her nighttime diaper dilemma, and after trying many of our readers’ suggestions, she still hasn’t found a way to prevent yeast infections with nighttime cloth diapering.

Two Chinese prefolds plus a basic diaper cover = my nighttime cloth diaper solution

I, on the other hand, never had any problem using cloth diapers at night. Why is this? Did my daughter have a remarkably small or extraordinary bladder? Were my diapers different? Did I employ some sort of miraculous laundering technique? Who knows?

We want to find out! Let’s share our successful nighttime cloth diapering stories and see if any patterns emerge. I’ll start: We used basic Chinese prefold diapers with a diaper cover starting at birth. After a few months, we noticed a bit of leaking, so we used two prefolds and a larger diaper cover. She looked like she was wearing a basketball, but it worked. We never deviated from this magical combo until she potty trained. Our laundry system changed a bit over the years, but we settled on doing a heavy cycle in cold water with Biokleen Laundry Detergent, and we dried them in the dryer.

Do you have a nighttime cloth diapering story to tell? Drop us a comment!


  1. The magic bullet for night diapering for us was hemp. Hemp doublers in pockets or hemp fitteds. There are also hemp prefolds that hold 50% more than a regular organic prefold. I had to adjust my wash routine and add 1/8 cup of baking soda once we were mostly hemp blend diapers but I love them.

  2. We use prefolds during the day, and used them at night initially. But when our daughter was a few months old we decided to try using our few pocket diapers at night. With a few tries we found this worked brilliantly – since the fleece wicks away the moisture out daughter’s bum stayed much drier and she slept better. She’s now 8 months old and we are still doing it. We use three inserts (2 regular and 1 hemp) and she looks ridiculous, but it works. We’re just starting night weaning and she seems to need a lot less absorbency now (go figure) so we might step it down to 2 inserts. Our pockets are a mix, we now have 5, of Happy Heinies, FuzziBuns and BumGenius. We like all of them.

    As for washing, we wash them with our prefolds in the Green Mountain Diaper suggested cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse. We also use BioKleen, but we use a third cup of Borax too. That final rinse seems to be necessary for us – without it our daughter gets a red bum when in a wet diaper. Finally, I hang the pockets to dry, but I just found out my husband throws them in the drier. He is the at-home parent, so it is his choice (in my opinion), but I’m sure this will shorten their lifespan.

  3. We use a single large prefold during the day with a PUL cover for our 20 month old. At night we use one large and one small prefold, and it still fits in the same cover.

    We wash on the heavy cycle with cold water and Kirkland Signature Eco-friendly detergent, and occasionally sprinkle in baking soda for an extra boost. We dry in the dryer.

  4. some kids must just be prone to infections. thankfully, we’ve never had them here.

    we use a mother-ease with a liner and a cover, or two prefolds and a cover. never had a problem with leaking or yeast, and we wash in charlies.

  5. At night I never had any issues with bg 3.0 os. They never leaked. When my son grew out of them I struggled with the perfect night time solution until the Flips came out by bg. Cotton babies makes a product called the sock. It is basically the material in the bg and it is in a “sock” like form (you can stuff it) I stuff it with and organic flip pf and microfiber. I just lye it in the flip cover and it is a perfect night time solution. My oldest son is now potty trained–at night too-woo hoo and my younger son is using flips for night. For baby 3 due in August I think I may get some BG 4.0’s, apparently they fit longer then the 3.0. Either way I will still have my flips.

  6. After noticing the beginnings of a rash, I started changing my daughter in the middle of the night (while she stayed asleep!), which helped some. We restarted a diaper service for the new baby, and using those diapers has prevented this problem, despite the fact that they are sometimes soaking wet the next morning. This also came about at a time when I realised that I needed to do some serious diaper stripping. Thus, I think that our problem was hours of contact with residue left in the diaper, not from the wetness itself.

  7. Funny, we have pretty much the same nighttime solution as you, Kristin! Even with the same diapers (plus I have a couple Kawaii but they leave marks on her legs so I don’t use them at night unless I am desparate). My baby is also 8 months old and we have been CD for a month- despite stories of rashes and leaks, we jumped in right away using them at night as well as daytime, and have only had a few leaks- mostly due to putting the diapers on incorrectly. 🙂

    I wash in Arm & Hammer Essentials Free, with a bit of Bac-Out in the cold rinse if the diapers are really messy. I have tried Rockin Green and I love it, but I reserve it for about once a month use right now.

  8. I use BG stuffed with a regular insert plus one or two hemp inserts at night. Sometimes I wrap a Thirsties cover around all that, if I’m still getting some leaking around the legs, but never did that with #1 and don’t do it anymore with #2. No night time rashes. I wash with Allen’s Naturally or Charlie’s Soap and occasionally with SensiClean detergent. No bleach.

  9. We use a knickernappies pocket diaper stuffed with their super-do insert (six layers of hemp and two microfiber but actually quite trim!) paired with a knickernappies stay dry doubler (fleece on one side and hemp on the other). We struggled with night-time leaking with our heavy wetter until we tried hemp and this has worked really well for us. She stays nice and dry and rash free and no leaking!

  10. We use Thirsties Duo pocket diaper, which has a microfiber and hemp/cotton jersey insert, and then we add a Joey Bunz hemp insert.

    We’ve never had any leaks and so far no yeast infections or rash.

    We wash everything in Rockin Green detergent.

  11. I could use almost anything with my daughter, but my son is another story. He leaked with double stuffed pocket diapers (bumgenius as well as fuzzibunz). We tried using a fitted, a hemp insert, and a PUL cover…better yet still not leak proof. The ultimate solution for us is the sustainablebabyish fitted diaper with wool cover! We’ve never had a leak!

  12. We have had terrible issues with night rashes. when my daughter was younger, we curbed it with slathering rash cream and using a fleece liner, but when she hit 8 or 9 months the rashes came back and her diapers would be totally soaked. She started getting rashes in the day time as well because they don’t change her enough at daycare. Now our solution is pooters hemp fitteds with another hemp liner and a wool cover. no more rashes (unless she poos at night). We have switched to wool in the day time, I love it so much.

  13. I’m interested in knowing what brand the cloth diapers are in the picture (green stitching)? They look very much like some that I bought at a consignment sale, and I would like to buy more due to the good quality. I bought some last week that I thought were right, but they began to “pill” terribly with the very first wash.

    Actually, let me just ask this, since all of you seem to be cloth diaper experts. I’m looking for quality prefolds like the ones that I already have to give as a gift. They will be used mostly as burp cloths, as the mother probably will not be diapering with cloth. I want to give her the best quality prefolds that are out there that do not pill, are soft and are still absorbant. The stitching color does not matter, it’s just that I know that mine with the green stitching are good quality. Can anyone help me out with suggestions?
    Thank you!

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