Solutions for Nighttime Yeast Infections Caused by Cloth Diapers

We all want to consider the health of the planet, but when our babies end up with reoccurring rashes and yeast infections from cloth diapers at night, it can be tempting to switch to disposables.  I did.  Of course, first there were weeks of trouble shooting, but then exhaustion set in and I surrendered to disposables.  I tried to switch back several times, all with the same results.

Our readers have rushed to my aid with a host of tips for yeast infection prevention and treatment.  Perhaps they can keep you from using disposables in those hazy nights of early parenting. They inspire me to continue my quest for an all-cloth diaper lifestyle!

“An Indian friend recommended using Neem Cream, or Neam Oil Cream, which you can find in health stores and Whole Foods.  It will remove the infection but if you use it every few nights, it will help keep it from reoccurring.  Also, eating probiotic foods like yogurt helps your baby fight yeast infections.”

“Strip diapers by using one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent to the wash once a week. (Don’t add any laundry soap to it)”

“Try hemp diaper inserts. Natural fibers have less tendency to cause yeast infections while diapers made from synthetic materials hold onto odors and other materials more.”

“Put your child on a probiotic such as Florajen 3 from your local homeopathic pharmacy.  The good bacteria in his or her system will battle the yeast.”

“Bleach the diapers just once.  We did it once and never had yeast problems again.  It isn’t exactly environmentally perfect, but it keeps loads of disposables out of the trash in the long run!”

Now that my baby is slumbering for a whopping ten hours, I can actually consider giving up some sleep to make the switch.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress and look forward to the day that I am free from disposables at night!!

We welcome more tips on this topic so please share any discoveries you’ve made in your nocturnal diapering efforts.


  1. I had not heard of Neem oil before. I will have to try it if yeast comes back to our house.
    What we at Diaper Lab have found works include white vinegar rinses (though long term they are hard on elastic) and Grapefruit Seed Extract (about 25 drops in a hot wash) from the health food store.

  2. Have you tried going diaper free at night, elimination communication-style? I’ve heard most babies don’t actually pee or poo in the middle of the night, only when they wake up. So apparently (according to advocates of EC) you can put them to bed with an unfolded cloth or diaper under them just in case, and if you get to them relatively quickly after they wake up you can usually throw them in a diaper or bring them to a potty in time.

    As far as I know this might only work for newborns that don’t have experience in diapers, though, because babies lose a lot of bladder control after they’re used to being able to poop/pee whenever in their diapers 😛

    Hope that helps!

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