Cozy Wool Clothing, Diapers, and Blankets for Baby

Chilly winter weather has me thinking about cozy wool blankets and clothes. We adore wool—it’s warm, it’s natural, it’s absorbent. And of course all these wool baby items are soft against tender skin.

Organic Merino Wool Baby Sweater by LANAcare ($53.00-$61.00)

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag ($79.99)

Baby BeeHinds Wool Wrap Diaper Cover ($23.50)

Cocooi Babywrap Newborn Baby Swaddle and Cap ($69.99)

SmartWool Baby Sock Sampler ($18.75)

Did you splurge on any wool baby diapers, clothes, or blankets? Let us know what you think. For more wooly delights, check out these posts:

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  1. I have never bought anything wool for baby. I’ve seen the blankets and I cloth diaper and have seen the wool diaper covers. Aren’t these itchy? I can’t wear anything with wool because it itches and bothers me so I never looked twice at the baby things because I thought my poor baby would itch and obviously couldn’t say “hey mom, take this off me, it itches!”. Are the baby products made differently so they don’t itch? Or do I just have skin that is sensitive to the wool? Thanks!

  2. I had the wool nursing pads from LANAcare and did not find them itchy at all. The woolen clothes/blankets/diapers they make for a baby use the softest wool possible, so it really is as soft as cashmere. (I prefer merino wool to cashmere, anyway.)

    Now that I’ve said that . . . I never bought anything wool for my baby, either! If I had a second baby, I would definitely try some of the diapers, though. I’m intrigued by them!

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