Our Best Green Valentine Ideas

Here at Greenbabyguide.com, we’re celebrating our fourth Valentine’s Day and we have a wealth of vintage posts to help you celebrate love with a green tinge.  DIY Paper Heart Valentines are simple and lovely and our Eco-friendly Valentine Baby Gift Ideas would be great picks for any tiny bundle of love.

If you’re short on time, consider Last Minute Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for your preschooler’s class.  Those who are willing to have fun making a huge mess will enjoy having baby make Potato Print Valentines.

Indulge your sweet tooth by making Nutritious Valentine’s Day Brownies or try mixing some of your homemade sweet potato purees into some Baby Food Brownies.  (Don’t worry!  They’re for you, not the baby.)

Best of all, celebrate your relationship by planning a Simple, Frugal Valentine’s Day Date. Are you too exhausted for any romantic effort?  You’re not alone!  We know how it is to have Valentine’s Day with A New Baby. On one hand having a newborn is sheer bliss.  On the other hand, conflict and exhaustion.  (And those two states can shift back and forth on an hourly basis.)

Wherever you are in your parenting journey, I wish you rest. (And maybe a bit of chocolate.)  Do you have any plans this Valentine’s Day?


  1. Living far from relatives with no trusted sitters for our 8 month old, so we’re getting take out from a super posh restaurant and picking up a good bottle of wine to enjoy with it. The green part? The seafood is sustainably harvested, the meats and from local farms and the produce, well it is winter here in NJ, so for the produce I think the restaurant gets an A for effort. As for the wine, perhaps we’ll try an organic variety…

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