Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Green Baby Guide Readers!

Valentine’s Day means chocolate, romance, and roses.  Wait.  That was before parenting!  Now it involves sleeplessness, breastfeeding, spit up, and cloth diaper changes.  Today I’m thinking of all of you with sincere endearment as you bravely slog your way through the challenges of early parenting.

Although those exhilarating and exhausting first months as a mother aren’t exactly romantic, they are infused with a love like no other.  You may not be treated to a violin serenade, but you will get gooey kisses, cuddles, and toothless grins.  If you are lucky enough to squeeze in a date or even a truffle, kudos to you!  You deserve every bit of love sent in your direction today.

On this green hued holiday, the best gifts won’t come in boxes or cellophane.  The divine offerings of free babysitting, the opportunity to nap, and maybe even the chance to sit in a hot tub for ten minutes are ultimately the most thoughtful.  If none of those things happen today, I hope you can be grateful to join this wonderful and difficult profession of motherhood.  Caress your babe’s silky cheek, smell the top of her head, and savor the moments that will fly by in a haze.  Now that my babies are four and nearly two, I miss those early, oxytocin-infused days.  Enjoy!

We love Celebrate Green, a website (and book) written by a mother-daughter team who bring eco-friendly values to every holiday.  Read their Valentine’s Day Post if you’re looking for a last minute idea for your child.  Here’s a hint: make your chocolate gifts more about quality than quantity.


  1. I wrote this post while glowing with love and gratitude. But later that night at 12:30am and 5am when my baby woke me with desperate screams, I wasn’t feeling quite so grateful. Then, about ten minutes into nursing her in the early morning shift, I remembered what I had written. I kissed her head, examined her tiny fingers, and tried to implant it all into my long term memory. Isn’t it amazing how hard it can be to take your own advice?

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