Favorite Light Nighttime Snacks?

Every night for about three years, we indulged in the same late night snack: stovetop popcorn. What a tasty, cheap, and relatively healthful snack, right? Well . . . it turns out we were each consuming about 250 calories of popcorn every day!

Sure, we could lighten it up by switching to air-popped corn or we could simply eat less popcorn, but we didn’t want to do that. Instead, we aimed to diversify our nighttime snacking options. We now eat popcorn just a couple nights a week. Other nights feature sliced apples or some light dessert such as pudding (surprisingly much lighter than our popcorn!). But we could use more nighttime snack ideas. What are yours? (And please don’t extoll the virtues of not snacking. We’re unwilling to part ways with this evening ritual!)


  1. tea and cookies. 🙂 Made ‘light’ by only having 2 cookies. Moderation, right?!?!

  2. Bummer–popcorn (with butter and salt) is one of our household favorites too. Though if my husband is out, my son and I will have graham crackers and milk (of course, I like to put peanut butter on mine so that’s probably no help at all in the calorie department).

  3. Ah, that post kiddo bedtime snack! 🙂 Since it’s still chilly, Hubby and I often indulge in a cup of hot cocoa or chai tea latte after the little ones are sleeping. Although we’re big fans of stovetop popcorn too!

  4. I like these ideas so far! The tea + cookies or graham crackers is a good one. And yes, if you just eat two normal-sized cookies, they are lighter than popcorn (well, considering we like to eat a HUGE bowl of it!). I also like the “fancy drink” idea. Keep them coming!

  5. My favorite is plain yogurt with a little real maple syrup mixed in. It satisfies my sweet tooth and I sort of feel like I’m eating ice cream, but it is much healthier.

  6. Homemade healthy cookies, homemade whole wheat bread with honey spread on it, Raisins and nuts are a few of the snacks we enjoy. We are snackers too.

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