Greener Disposables—Compare and Contrast

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed chlorine-free disposable diapers on this site and in our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. With my diapering days well behind me, I haven’t been able to try any of these out on a real-life baby. Has anyone had a chance to compare the brands below? Which do you prefer, and why?

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Diapers

Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

Nature Babycare Eco-friendly Chlorine-free Diapers

Tushies Diapers


Bambo Nature Chlorine-free Eco-friendly Baby Diapers

Am I leaving out a great brand of chlorine free disposables? I know Whole Foods makes a store brand that ends up being more cost effective than Seventh Generation. What else do we need to know in this complicated world of greener sposies?


  1. I haven’t, although Earth’s Best are supposed to be fantastic. Well, as fantastic as diapers can be. Being moms, of course, we know just how fantastic these things can be; we’re just not willing to admit as much out loud. Sort of like the secret mom pleasure of picking your kid’s nose. “Ick, gross!” but really we’re thinking, “awesome, got it! That was a good one.”

    A dependable eco-diaper falls under the same purview.

  2. We’ve tried the Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best and the Nature Babycare when we have traveled. The only ones that work reasonably well for us are the Seventh Generation. For our daughter the Earth’s Best and Nature Babycare failed miserably – urine everywhere! These failures happened last summer though, so maybe the larger ones would work for her now? Who knows? But since the Seventh Generations work (and we rarely use them) I’m not really willing to take the risk of trying them again!

    We have definitely found that the disposables can’t contain the poo-plosions (as we have affectionately named them) nearly as well as our cloth can. Even the ones that we like (Seventh Generation) have failed us on occasion. But only with a really massive poo-plosion. Like the one during my brother- and sister-in-law’s wedding rehearsal that my daughter and I were both in. Yep. That was memorable. 🙂

  3. We use the Earth’s best and G diapers. When he goes to the babysitter or to sleep we use the Earth’s best diapers. They seem to last longer. And the G diapers are super easy for clean up etc. They only thing is I wonder what they will be like during the summer because the plastic liner seems to make him sweaty down there.

    we used the Seventh Generation when our son was first born but I think the Earth’s Best work a little better.

  4. I should mention our son is now 20 months. And we tried the Seventh diapers when he was first born. I can’t imagine trying to use the G diapers to contain his poop when he was still breastfeeding.

  5. another Josh says

    We’ve been using a combination of the Seventh Generation disposables along with gDiapers with both cloth and flushable inserts for a bit more than a year now, and they’ve been working pretty well. We find the disposables more absorbent, so we use them when we’re expecting more of a need along those lines (traveling, for example) or when it would be exceptionally inconvenient to deal with the reusables. If we’re expecting solid waste, we prefer the flushable inserts, and cloth inserts (with a liner, in case we get a surprise) for all other times. Sometimes it’s a bit of a guessing game regarding what is going to come out next while changing a diaper.

  6. I have tried Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best, G Diapers, Nature Babycare and Tushies.
    There is also Whole Foods store brand of disposable diapers.
    Seventh Generation are my favorite of them all. I also really like Nature Babycare and Earth’s Best. I didn’t like Tushies that much and G Diapers leak with my kids. The Whole Foods brand works well.

    I have had a lot of luck with the “eco-friendly” disposables. Won’t even touch Huggies or Pampers. They feel horrible compared to the “eco” kind.

  7. We use whole foods brand for nights only and they really work awesome! They help our little one sleep longer with no rash, irritation or yucky perfume smell:)

  8. I just bought six months’ worth of Earth’s Best on After joining The Mom Club (check it out, totally free and easy, no obligation, free 2-day Prime shipping, super-easy to quit if you want to…) I used the Subscribe and Save feature (also no obligation, no payment, super-easy to quit…) and each box of size 3 diapers, 140 count, cost $25.29. Less than the cheap supermarket brand I had been using that was totally fine until recently. We changed brands because our cheap supermarket brand started letting us down as baby got bigger and needed something better at night. Seventh Generation smelled funny to me. I was always thinking he had a poop when he didn’t.

  9. While I prefer cloth, my husband likes to use disposables when he’s out and about with our daughter. We’ve found that Earth’s best is our favorite kind, but Seventh Generation has worked fine, too. Our little one is now 15 months old…

  10. We have tried the Tushies and Seventh Generation but both make my little one break out in a rash along the waistline. Nature Baby Care is the only brand she can wear – we absolutely love them.

    Only negative: we used them for my son as well 4 years ago and definitely wish they hadn’t changed the sizing along the way – as our little one is only 18 months and already growing out of the size 6. I guess we’ll be moving to the potty soon before she grows out of the diapers!!

  11. Grovia disposable inserts are supposed to use plant based gels, as well as Broody Chick Diapers – both are fully compostable. There are also flip inserts.
    I haven’t tried them, but they have been on my radar – especially the flips since they seem cheaper than the g-diaper inserts.

    I have been primarily using cloth, but use disposables for traveling. Tushies have always leaked for us– I use G-diapers inserts in a diaper cover white traveling (hate the gpants) or outside a thin fitted diaper for some nights I know there has been a lot of fluid drinking during the day. I have also used naturebabycare, I liked them but prefer the inserts so I can use my soft covers.

  12. Like many here, I have to say I prefer the cloth. As for disposables when needed, I have been very happy with the Comforts for Baby Touch of Nature diapers. They are a Kroger brand (no Whole Foods here) and can be found at Fry’s and other Kroger related stores. They use wheat as an absorbent, although there may be some SAP in there too. There is also very minimal dye. We have used them at night and had very few major leakages and no blow outs. I have to confess I have tried Pampers and Huggies (got them for free) brands and like these much better.

  13. Seventh generation are far from natural. They are bleached (although chlorine free) and re-dyed brown to make you think they aren’t -.- Not to mention that Seventh Gen, Earth’s Best, and G-diaper inserts all use the same amount of sodium polyacrylate as any other diaper on the market. The ONLY difference is they are not bleached with chlorine, they still have all the other crap that disposables come with, including petroleum based products aka PLASTIC. Nature Babycare doesn’t contain any plastic and has the most natural outer and inner lining, but still the same stuff inside.

    Unfortunately Tushies were the ONLY brand without sodium polyacrylate SAP so currently Bambo and Broody Chick are the only brands that use far less, and turn to starch based absorbents to compensate. (Broody Chick even uses an FDA food grade SAP and are biodegradable)

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