Mamadoc Product Review and Giveaway

What if your OB/Gyn was a mother of three who actually invented things to make women’s lives easier as they journeyed through the rough landscape of early motherhood?  The bad news is that most of you won’t be able to become patients of Dr. Somi Javiadshe’s busy enough as it is!  The great news is that  she, along with her business partner, Kim Howell, have founded a website and product line to support new and expectant mothers.  Mamadoc was developed by Howell and Javiad to offer practical, eco-friendly pregnancy products to women that can make pregnancy and new motherhood a bit more comfortable.

Some of Mamadocs clever inventions include Nox, a compression bra to help nursing mothers with engorgement when weaning, Preghose to help pregnant moms prevent swollen feet,(I could have used a dozen pairs of those!)  and Bellyup to support a pregnant woman’s back and abdomen during the late months of pregnancy.

Mamadoc also carries handmade bamboo cotton diapers that we had the chance to try out with my twenty month daughter. They’re an adorable color combo of grey and pink and the two layers of bamboo fleece are incredibly soft and absorbent.  One drawback is that we did notice that the edging frayed and balled up after a few washings.  While they look a bit worn, they’re still quite comfortable and cute.

One lucky winner will be getting a bamboo soothing cloth from Mamadoc to share with a new baby.  It’s ultra soft small square of fabric with polka dots of texture that baby will enjoy exploring. (Pictured below)

Three Ways to Enter the Mamadoc Bamboo Soothing Cloth Giveaway:

1. Simply post a comment

2. Like us on Facebook (then tell us you did it in the comments)

3. Spread the news about the giveaway! Email someone, post it on Facebook, tweet it, blog it, or send someone a message about it via carrier pigeon. (And again, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments!)

This contest ends on March 29th and is only open to U.S. Residents.

Great luck!


  1. I love how lots of products are now being made out of bamboo. What a great renewable resource.

  2. I love bamboo! It makes the softest fabric that feels so good on your skin.

  3. Mmmmm bamboo… <3

  4. Christy Heiple says

    Your products look great!

  5. ahhh bamboo. that stuff feels amazing!

  6. kim trojan says

    You have alot of great products. I think my son may love the firetruck. Love the giraffe print bamboo soother. My little one is teething and would love it! Aside from putting everything in his mouth he loves to rub soft blankies on his face. 🙂 I liked you on FB

  7. I could have used some of those preghose too!

  8. I would love to try that diaper!

  9. katherine says

    I would love to win!

  10. this would be a great gift for my sister’s baby

  11. love the website!

  12. Christina Reyes says

    I love the bamboo…the giraffe print is so cute!

  13. Christina Reyes says

    I liked you on Facebook.

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