Green Spotlight on Betsy of Eco-novice

We’d like to take some time to thank our favorite fellow bloggers for stopping by the Green Baby Guide, providing insightful comments. First in the spotlight is Betsy of Eco-novice. She’s a stay-at-home mother of two who started her path towards greenness when her first child was born. Here’s what she says about her motivation for going green on her blog:

But when my first baby sucked on my hair, I wondered, “What’s in my leave-in conditioner?” When he sucked on the floor, I wondered, “What’s in my cleaner?” When I started feeding him solid foods, I wondered, “How safe are pesticides for infants?” When I opened his disposable diaper on a sweltering day and felt a wave of heat come out I thought, “Maybe I’ll try cloth diapers after all.”

The Eco-novice’s Wooden Duck!

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Thank you, Betsy, for visiting the Green Baby Guide–and for all of your eco-efforts!


  1. What an incredible surprise and compliment! This was the ONLY blog I read for several years and inspired me to make so many of my first green changes (P.S. It took me about 2 years to leave a comment). I still find myself searching your archives for answers on a regular basis. Just yesterday my sister called wondering about how to use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach in her laundry. Of course, I remembered that GBG had posted on this a couple of times in the past, did a quick search, and gave her some instructions within seconds on the phone (it’s a 1/4 cup or more per load if you are wondering). You are also the blog that gave me the idea for early potty training, which is always one of the most popular topics on my blog.

    One of the things I value most about GBG is the incredible community of people who add their expertise in the comments. There is a lot of wisdom packed into this one blog!

    Thanks again, Ladies. And thanks to my sister J (also a Portlander), who first told me about your blog.

  2. Betsy is a sweet lady and love her blog. 🙂

  3. Aww…I really enjoy Betsy’s blog. She certainly deserves to be highlighted!

  4. I love Betsy’s blog – she’s a thoughtful and articulate writer and a lovely person too!

  5. Betsy, thank YOU for supporting our blog for so long! One of our most loyal fans! It’s great that Eco-novice has taken off in such a short time, too!

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