Earth Day Resolutions

Earth Day is approaching–time to renew my vows to the planet. I’m going to keep it simple this Earth Day, and make just two eco-resolutions:

  1. Waste less food—or NO food
  2. Stop buying items encased in plastic packaging

If these pledges sound vaguely familiar, it may be because they functioned as my New Year’s Resolutions as well.

How will you save the world this Earth Day?


  1. My New Year’s resolutions were also eco-resolutions, so this is my Earth Year. 🙂 Here are some of the things I’m doing:

    – If I buy something that has packaging, I try to buy the version that comes in recyclable packaging (for example, salad greens in a clamshell rather than a plastic bag, because we can’t recycle the bags where I live) or in bulk.
    – I’m making my own deodorant, tooth powder, and face wash.
    – I switched to a Mooncup for my monthly cycles.
    – I carry reusable cups for myself and my son so if we end up at a coffee shop or food court while we’re out, we don’t use paper cups.

    While I’m trying to teach my son good habits by example, I’d also love recommendations for a good book to explain the importance of “being green” at a level a 4 or 5 year old can understand–any recommendations?

  2. My earthday resolutions include working harder to continue a few past years commitments that i’ve slacked off on while being pregnant: only eating meat from sustainable/humanely raised sources and not drinking any beverage from a plastic bottle. My new earthday resolutions are for the care of our new baby on the way (due in 3 months!) Our green plans are to use cloth diapers, breast feed and feed pumped milk in glass bottles, and generally try to simplify the baby care (ie not buy so much stuff!)
    A new baby seems like the perfect time to reevaluate and make some new commitments to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

  3. Inspired by you, just posted my own:

    Stop junk mail
    Stop using single use produce/shopping bags
    Make my own yogurt

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