Spring Cleaning Tip of the Day: Raise a child who understands the joy of cleaning

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you may have to wait four or five year until putting this tip into effect. I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I managed to raise a child who enjoys tidying up her own room. And she does not want any help! Her room does get messy—clothes, books, and toys start piling up in unattractive lumps. But that’s okay! We simply “challenge” our five-year-old daughter to clean the room all by herself, and she will hole away in there for over an hour so that she can surprise us with the results.

And she does! She will put everything away where it belongs, even going so far as to organize her dresser drawers, the interior of her closet, and the surface of her nightstand.

So if you have trouble keeping your house clean, do what I did: create or adopt a self-cleaning child. Problem solved!


  1. That’s great! While my son (same age as Audrey) does not enjoy putting his toys away, he does like helping to clean house, and even grabbed the toilet brush from me recently and said “No, let ME clean the toilet!” Sadly, I have a feeling the novelty will probably wear off before he reaches the double digits.

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